“A voice”, “a quicksilver look” … The disappearance of Claude Brasseur marks the spirits

Actors, directors and politicians paid tribute to the actor who died at 84 on December 22.

Claude Brasseur died on December 22 at the age of 84. Many actors, directors and film lovers have paid tribute to the comedian who has appeared in more than 90 films. One of the last to have directed it, the director of Camping Fabien Onteniente, remembered on BFM TV the many laughs in his company as well as his density. “He might as well play dark characters like comedy characters, he says. He had another knowledge of the dramatic art. Beneath the easy gaits, there was actually a lot of work behind, he knew his razor-sharp job. He was a model who no longer exists in certain generations that I meet. And above all, he had a voice.

This voice will also have inspired and made dream of many actors. The actress Caroline Anglade remembers the quartet that Claude Brasseur formed with Jean Rochefort, Guy Bedos and Victor Lanoux, all deceased. “Thank you for these wonderful films which rocked our childhood !!!»She posted on Instagram.

Guillaume de Tonquédec paid tribute to his fictional father in the film The Student and Mr. Henri or “it was overwhelming. I particularly liked Claude Brasseur.»He says on Facebook. Jean Dujardin was satisfied with a sober tribute, “Goodbye my beautiful and talented Claude“.

Over the course of a hundred films, he had become for the public a friend of the family, a good-natured and loud “gunslinger uncle” who is forgiven for everything.“Jack Lang is not wrong, in his tribute to the French actor, the former Minister of Culture especially remembers a”incomparable laughter, a voice that echoed loudly. His quicksilver gaze made him immediately approachable and likeable. An all-terrain actor, he knew how to make us laugh as well as cry.Crying, José Garcia could not resist. “Goodbye my friend“.

A man of the theater, Claude Brasseur also marked this art in mourning. The actor and director Nicolas Briançon “Think of him. To his trouble. And I cry for this wonderful actor who will have accompanied my life from Vidocq to Clemenceau, from Sganarelle to Mr Henry …“The same goes for the artist Raphaël Personaz, who remembers”of a huge actor and a good man.A last hug for a farewell, that of Franck Dubosc, the Patrick Chirac of Camping and friend of Claude Brasseur.

Definitely … Claude»Sighs Richard Berry on his social networks. For actor Michel Boujenah, “Claude was funny, lively, unpredictable, and he was a wonderful actor in both cinema and theater. He was also energetic and a bon vivant, trust me. He is not a boy who went to economics in any field. From this point of view, he represents his dynasty well. Because his father was not sparing with life either, on the contrary»He recalls at LCI microphone.

The President of the Cannes Film Festival, Pierre Lescure, remember of a “splendid voice (like that of Pierre, his father) and his black eyes, to laugh or roar.“Jean-Paul Rouve says”the immense honor of playing with you and especially of directing you (well to watch you play instead!)“. By telling an anecdote from the shoot, Nathalie Baye remembered Claude Brasseur. “We toured together, with Johnny, Detective, by Jean-Luc Godard .. A crazy movie …! Claude was sometimes unhappy on this shoot, Godard was rough with him, he was a handsome actor, endearing and secretive. His departure saddens me.


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