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A two-year-old girl fell down from the 12th floor balcony, the delivery boy saved the life of an innocent by her intelligence

New Delhi: A shocking case has come to light in Hanoi, Vietnam. Here a two-year-old girl has fallen from the 12th floor balcony. During this time there could have been a big accident but a delivery boy saved it from happening.

Actually, a video is becoming quite viral these days on social media. In this video, 31-year-old delivery boy Nguyen Nagoss can be seen rescuing a baby girl. In this video it can be seen that a two-year-old girl is hanging on the balcony on the 12th floor. During this time the child was crying.

Giving information about the incident, Nguyen Nagoss said that he was waiting for the customer to deliver the goods, when he heard the cry of a baby girl. Nguyen Nagoss said that he saw the girl hanging on the balcony on the 12th floor.

Delivery Boy’s understanding worked

He said that the girl was about to fall. He immediately climbed a nearby building. However, in the meantime, the girl fell from the balcony. Then the delivery boy caught the girl with her intelligence. After this, as soon as the video of this incident went viral, the bravery and prudence of the delivery boy was widely appreciated on social media.

According to Nguyen, the baby girl fell into his lap. During this time blood was coming out of the girl’s mouth. After which the girl was taken to the National Children’s Hospital. There, doctors told that the baby’s hip got hurt. Although the baby will be fine.

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