A twin baby is born in an amniotic fluid

Hanoi36-year-old woman was pregnant with twins, gave birth to two boys, in which the second baby was still in the amniotic fluid.

The February 28 birth was evaluated by doctors at Thu Cuc General Hospital as rare. Births in an amniotic fluid are very few, accounting for only 1 in 80,000 births. In particular, twins where a baby is born with the entire body still in the amniotic sac is even more rare.

Pregnant women with colic, premature ruptured amniotic fluid, are indicated for cesarean section. Doctor Nguyen Van Ha, Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology, directly conducted the surgery to welcome the twins. The first boy was born smoothly, until the second baby was still in the amniotic sac, the doctors had to cut the amniotic fluid bag out and cut the umbilical cord.

Two healthy babies, equal in weight, about 3.2 kg.

The baby with intact amniotic fluid is born in the hospital. Image: Hospital provided

The doctor said that normally in order to prepare the baby for birth, the amniotic sac will rupture always under the impact of uterine contractions during the mother’s labor or professional doctor’s manipulations during the surgery. A baby born with a full amniotic fluid surrounded is a rare occurrence. This is again a twin but only one baby is wrapped in amniotic fluid.

Babies born in intact amniotic fluid bags are called “cashew wrap”, considered a sign of luck. Babies born like this are believed to have many advantages in later life.

Currently, the health of mother and two babies is stable.

Thuy Quynh