A tricolor company at work in Ukraine and Russia

International SOS has 600 clients, from SMEs to multinationals, in Ukraine and Russia. But you will not see his collaborators exfiltrate them under the bombs in Kiev or MarIoupol.

“Ukraine, we have been in this country since the end of January. We obviously anticipated the aggravation of tensions between the two belligerents. We deployed crisis teams before the borders were closed and the start of the operations.”

Xavier Carn, Safety and Security Boss of International SOS

at franceinfo

The objective was toidentify transport and hotel logistics capacities on Ukrainian territory, as well as possible routes to allow the evacuation ofs expatriates. As soon as the war broke out, the company left Ukraine.

Xavier Carn: "Ukraine, we have been in this country now since the end of January".  (INTERNATIONAL SOS)

From now on, it is towards Russia that seyes turn. Deprived of means of transport, in particular of air links, because of international sanctions, the country has been literally under glass since the very first days which followed the invasion of Ukraine. Just over 5,000 French people are registered in the consular register in Russia. Some left, others stayed:

There are a few companies that are forced, for business continuity reasons, to keep going, and those are also personal choices. You may not want to leave your in-laws behind, so there are people who, for very personal reasons, decide to stay for now.”

A company active in Ukraine and Russia, created by two French people.   (INTERNATIONAL SOS)

International SOS Society

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