A touch of design for your indoor plants

Everyone at the moment wants to green or flower their house or apartment. Houseplants sell like hot cakes but there are many growing failures.

If you water too much, the roots are drowned, and the plant dies miserably. If you don’t water enough or often enough, the plant will die of thirst. You can always attempt a rescue by immersing it in room temperature water and wait until the next day to see if it regains color.

To prevent your plants from drowning and death from dehydration, there are oyas. These pottery already used in the vegetable patch or ornamental garden can also be used at home by placing them in the plant pot.

The young French company Niobé Design decided to make these oyas decorative objects. Arnaud Vallet is the co-founder of the company: “The oyas sink a third or half into the soil of the pot. We designed hand-painted oyas by a ceramist in a workshop in Loiret. The emerged part of the oya is therefore colored and adds a pretty decorative touch. “

Arnaud Vallet and Jean Macchi, the young co-founders of Niobé Design.  (ISABELLE MORAND / RADIO FRANCE / FRANCE INFO)

Niobé Design has also designed furniture, a shelf, a console, an end of the sofa whose graphics are inspired by nature, the veins of the leaves. A stoneware tray and pot allow you to grow a medium-sized plant. A porous ceramic oya integrated into the cabinet ensures the plant’s water autonomy.

The young company decided from its beginnings to entrust all the manufacture of its oyas and its furniture to French craftsmen: “Niobé is a social and solidarity enterprise. Our furniture is manufactured in Nevers in an ESAT which employs people with physical and mental disabilities. We also looked for craftsmen specializing in ceramics.”

“In 10 years, 80% of ceramic factories have closed their doors in France. Production has gone abroad. However, in France we have real know-how. We are able to manufacture in our regions. let’s fight every day to help safeguard this French know-how in the field of furniture and ceramics. ”

Arnaud Vallet, co-founder of Niobé Design

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The young designers are also working on a project that is close to their hearts, that of green lighting. More info on

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