A third of French employees do not dare ask for a down payment on wages, which is nevertheless a right

Illustrative photo (JEAN-FRANÇOIS FREY / MAXPPP)

A survey, published this Tuesday, May 25, reveals that a third of French employees do not dare to request a deposit on wages from their employer, although it is a right. The Labor Code says that, if the payment of remuneration is made once a month, a deposit corresponding, for fifteen, to half of his monthly remuneration, is paid to the worker who requests it.

This Pool & Roll survey carried out for the start-up Rosaly, which wants to develop the practice of the deposit on salary, clearly shows that there is a shame in turning to your employer to exercise this simple right. 29% of French employees do not dare to ask for it.

One in four French employees has had recourse to a deposit, according to this survey, among which 39% come from the most modest households. But even if it is a right, no less than 12.5% ​​of them were refused the deposit by their employer. According to the founder of the start-up Rosaly, in France, companies are afraid of being overwhelmed by employee demands, while in countries like the United States or the United Kingdom, this practice is commonplace and completely uninhibited.

Will this soon be the case in France? In any case, it is the hope of two “fintech” start-ups, financial technology. Rosaly and Stairwage propose to democratize the payday deposit. They have each just achieved great fundraising: up to 1.5 million euros for Rosaly. And it’s not over.

These are online services that allow, in complete anonymity, the payment of part of his salary. To pay you what you have already earned, unlike a payday advance. It is the application that will pay you the funds and it will then return, at the end of the month, on the date scheduled for the payment of the salary, to the company to be reimbursed, of course for a subscription price. a few euros per employee. It is therefore a service that the company makes available to its employees. A plus for managing their finances.

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