A teleworking package to boost work in coworking spaces

A bill could be considered at the start of the year, at best, for entry into force at the end of 2022.

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At a time when the government asks companies not to weaken on teleworking, even brandishing the prospect of an obligation, a majority MP is proposing the creation of a teleworking package to boost work in coworking spaces. It would be a prepaid card that you just need to present at the entrance to the coworking center or tele-center closest to your home. A card fully funded by the employer, of course, without costing the employee a cent. The employer would not pay any social security contribution on the amount paid.

A solution that would allow those who do not have enough room or calm at home to telecommute – as the government is asking to slow the progression of the virus – and not have to go to the headquarters of the company. The teleworking package, a bill tabled by the deputy La République en Marche de Haute-Savoie, Frédérique Bardet, is not for now. The text could be examined at the beginning of the year, at best, for entry into force at the end of 2022. But the current context gives it a clear urgency.

However, the law already provides for compensation for teleworkers. Companies can already pay tax-exempt teleworking compensation exempt from charges of 2.50 euros per day and a maximum of 550 euros per year. But for the member for Haute-Savoie, this is an injustice. This compensation only covers expenses incurred at home. However, many employees, especially among the youngest, do not have sufficient space at home to effectively telework. They therefore have no choice but to come back to the office. This is therefore the novelty of this text: to cover the costs incurred by the worker when he goes to a tele-center or a coworking space. A very clear way to take advantage of the dynamics of these third places. There are nearly 3,000 in France.

On a voluntary basis, it should be set up by a company agreement which would determine the conditions for its setting up. Companies could play the game. For Frédérique Bardet, such a package would reassure companies that their employees really work when they are teleworking. Knowing them in a coworking space would assure them that they are working in good conditions, which is necessarily beneficial to the company.

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