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A suspect arrested in France for supplying chemical weapons to Syria

Prohibition Of Chemical Weapons: French investigators said on Monday they had detained a man suspected of supplying materials that could be used in chemical weapons to Syrian authorities. A French judicial official said the man, who holds dual French and Syrian citizenship, was detained from southern France while he was on holiday with his family.

He has been detained on the primary charges of involvement in war crimes and crimes against humanity. It is noteworthy that international investigators have been accusing the Syrian government of using poisonous gas and ‘nerve agents’ in the civil war that has been going on for nearly a decade.

The man detained in France is suspected to have used a transport company in France and the United Arab Emirates to supply materials to manufacture these gases to Syria in violation of international sanctions. The primary charges were framed on the suspect on Saturday and he is in custody, the judicial officer said. However, due to confidentiality rules, the investigating agency has not given any information about the accused and his company.

While giving information, sources have told that this person was born in 1962 and he mostly lived outside France. The man is alleged to have started providing gas supplies in March 2011 at the time of the ongoing civil war in Syria and supplied them until January 2018.

At the same time, according to information received from another legal source, this is the first time in France that someone has been arrested on such a charge. It is noteworthy that about half a million people died in this war in Syria.

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