A stroke while drying clothes

HCMCThe 61-year-old woman was drying her clothes when she suddenly distorted her mouth, dropped to her knees, passed out, urinated incontinence.

Family members called 115, within 30 minutes the patient was transferred to Gia An Hospital. At this time, the patient loses consciousness, one eye collapsed, and distorted mouth to the right.

The results of CT scan, MRI of the brain determined that the patient had a cerebral infarction, no major blood vessel obstruction. Doctors appoint intravenous fibrinolytics, then dual antiplatelet agents and antihypertensive drugs to prevent relapse. After five days of treatment, the patient recovered, just discharged from the hospital.

Dr. Tran Thi Mai Uyen, Head of the Department of Neurology – Stroke, Gia An 115 Hospital, said that the patient in emergency in the first hour since the stroke onset, was eligible for treatment for fibrinolytics. Completely high resilience. The patient has a history of hypertension and dyslipidemia (high cholesterol) but has voluntarily stopped treatment for 3-4 months.

According to Dr. Uyen, the case of a cerebral infarction due to damage to a small blood vessel can cause severe disability, paralysis on the side of the body, language disorders … if there is no timely intervention. Getting first aid in the “golden time” 3-4.5 hours from the onset of symptoms is very important, helping to reduce mortality and increase the chances of recovery.

“If family members do not know the time of onset of stroke symptoms or have passed the golden time, still need to contact emergency at the hospital with the function of stroke treatment”, Dr. Uyen shared.

Now with the help of RAPID software applying artificial intelligence, the time to save the brain can be up to 24 hours.

RAPID software applies artificial intelligence in diagnosis and treatment of stroke. Photo provided by the hospital.

Doctors recommend that people with underlying conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol … should adhere to the treatment instructions of doctors. Do not voluntarily stop the drug because if these diseases are not controlled well, it will increase the risk of stroke as well as other dangerous diseases.

The signs of a brain stroke are sudden numbness in the face, distorted face and hands, numbness or difficulty moving hands and feet, one side of the body, difficulty speaking, speechlessness, unusual lisp, sudden dizziness, loss of balance or the ability to coordinate movements, sudden decrease in vision, blurred vision, lack of clarity, sudden headache, can cause nausea or vomiting …

Currently, the number of stroke patients is increasing, the death rate is high. Many people are lucky to survive, but they also suffer severe physical and mental sequelae, lose the ability to work, and need regular care.

According to Dr. Uyen, in order to prevent disease, it is necessary to have a reasonable diet and living, to screen for stroke risk, to screen for atherosclerosis. In October, the hospital exempted from medical examination and counseling for stroke.

Le Phuong