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A specialist in art and power to relaunch Sciences Po

“We should put in power people who are not interested in power. “ Commenting on his very probable election at the head of the National Foundation of Political Science (FNSP), Monday, May 10, Laurence Bertrand Dorléac offers himself a little provocation. Way to promise operation “More collegial” of his “CA”. And to recall that his candidacy, replacing Olivier Duhamel, who resigned and then admitted facts of incest, emerged late, almost against his will, after the failure of other contenders.

A candidacy of “consensus”, a word that makes her jump. “I don’t think I’m characterless!”, she defends herself. Perhaps the fact of having had a father on the right, brought up by the Jesuits and resistant, and a mother on the left, coming from a family of the Righteous, helps me to overcome the divisions. “

“The humanities are at the heart of our teachings”

For one of her former students, director Vincent Huguet, her career as a teacher-researcher in art history predisposes her to lead this foundation. “His fascination with the history of wars, his numerous works on the links between art and power, lead him to transform each conflict into something positive. “

Discipline, however, does not seem central to the identity of the establishment. “While some see Sciences Po as a kind of business school, this signal reminds us that the humanities are at the heart of our teaching”, answers Marc Lazar. This sociologist and historian also boasts of her fine knowledge of the workings of Sciences Po, where she has taught for a long time, as well as her organizational skills. Laurence Bertrand Dorléac regularly organizes major exhibitions, such as the one devoted to still life at the Louvre at the end of 2022.

Extinguish the “Sciences Porc” fire

At the head of the FNSP, a foundation which sets the orientations of Sciences Po and its 14,000 students, she will also have to reassure private donors, who contribute 10% to the institution’s budget. And lead for September 2021 the succession of the director of the school, who had to resign. Frédéric Mion had been criticized for not having revealed the charges of incest against Olivier Duhamel on his stepson. “We will mobilize a committee of twelve people and call on an agency of headhunters to avoid the inter-self”, she assures.

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Laurence Bertrand Dorléac will also have to extinguish the fire #SciencesPorcs, the denunciation of 44 cases of sexual assault or harassment concerning students, mainly outside the walls. The future president of the FNSP intends to apply the recommendations of a report written by sociologist Danièle Hervieu-Léger, in particular the appointment of a referent on each of the seven campuses. “In this regard, being a woman works in her favor”, observes Marc Lazar.

30% of scholarship holders by 2022

“The students are waiting for Laurence Bertrand Dorléac with a firm footing”, warns Thomas Le Corre, president of the Unef Sciences Po. This member of the board of directors of the FNSP was opposed to his election. “Not for his personality but to denounce the terms of his appointment. “

For him, the future president will have to “Improve governance and tackle environmental issues, particularly on the future Artillery campus”, located in the 7e arrondissement of Paris on the site of a former novitiate and which Sciences Po will invest in the fall.

“It will also have to tackle the registration fees, which for non-Europeans can go up to € 18,000! “, pleads Thomas Le Corre. Laurence Bertrand Dorléac, who has chaired the entry jury for ten years, wants to reduce the scholarship rate from 26% to 30% by 2022.


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