A site for calculating severance pay

A payslip. Illustrative photo. (CLAUDE PRIGENT / MAXPPP)

This site is called mesindemnité It was created by a lawyer specializing in labor law. It allows, in a few clicks, to know how much we will receive exactly if we leave. How much we will receive in the balance of any account, in severance payments before a labor tribunal and how much we will then receive at Pôle emploi. It sounds silly but this service did not exist.

It’s an algorithm that gets the job done, most of the time. The site was developed without raising funds, on the money and the personal time of this lawyer, and it now incorporates the ten main collective agreements. Because obviously what you will receive depends on the collective agreement to which you are attached. If you are part of these ten collective agreements listed, the response will be immediate. Otherwise, “little hands” will do the job and you will have the answer in forty-eight hours. There is now a scale for labor courts. If you have “so much seniority”: you automatically get so much. And if the scale has sometimes been contested, in very specific cases, and that the labor advisers have been able to give more, this is the exception. The answer that the site will give you is the minimum of what you can get. Afterwards, if you dispute the validity of your dismissal, that you seek its nullity, if you prove harassment, you will indeed be able to have more.

It was a lawyer, master Alexandra Sabbe-Ferri, who started this at the start with an Excel table. But given the multiplication of requests since the start of the health crisis, more and more employees fearing to be made redundant and others considering changing jobs, it has divided the price by two. Knowing exactly how much you will receive in the event of dismissal now costs 9.99 euros.

The site is also aimed at businesses. It is also designed for the smallest of them, who do not have legal or HR services to determine how much the departure of an employee will cost them. The important thing, moreover, for the employer as for the employee, is that mesindemnité always gives net figures, and not gross.

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