A series of services of Facebook suddenly interrupted

Users around the world have encountered problems with Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram when they cannot access the service for about 1 hour.

Based on 4 main products, Facebook has become “a giant social” in the world. However, on March 19 local time (Saturday morning, Hanoi time), Facebook’s services were interrupted, including the Facebook platform, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Users were unable to access Facebook’s services at dawn on March 20

Some technical problems have caused users in many countries and regions to have trouble accessing the services, a Facebook spokesperson said. “We have resolved this issue for all users and expressed concern about the inconvenience caused.” As for which technical issues caused the service crashes, Facebook did not make it clear.

It is known that the entire Facebook system “collapsed” at 1:30 pm on Friday, Eastern time (2:30 am on Saturday, Hanoi time) and lasted for about an hour, after which the problem was resolved. decided. Down Detector, an organization that monitors Internet services, also found that Facebook’s social networking services were inaccessible. Among them, Instagram alone, there were reports of service disruptions to 100,000 users around the world.

Each of Facebook’s four major social services has more than one billion active users. The data shows that the company has 3.3 billion global users (one user will use many of Facebook’s products), which is about half of the earth’s population. The US Federal Trade Commission filed an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook last year, preparing to remove Instagram and WhatsApp services acquired by the company in the past, and the lawsuit is still ongoing.

In a related development, on the morning of March 20, CEO Mark Zuckerberg suddenly sided with Apple when speaking out in support of the new privacy policy of the “Apple family” on forcing applications to obtain the approval of users before tracking data. Many analysts said, Facebook’s service disruption could be related to changes on the platform in preparation for the upcoming ATT feature launch.

Before that, Facebook itself has repeatedly strongly condemned this policy and even published a series of featured articles in some newspapers to attack Apple. This problem stems from the ID associated with Apple devices and advertisers like Facebook can use this ID to target users, as well as track the performance of ads. But in iOS 14, Apple will actively ask users if they agree to share this type of information with developers or not.

Investors worried the move could undermine Facebook’s advertising capabilities, and stocks also weakened following the announcement. Facebook CFO Dave Wehner said at a meeting earlier this month, “What percentage of users will agree to share, there is still great uncertainty.” In addition, this policy change presents challenges in many ways.

However, the latest Facebook boss comment said: “If Apple’s changes can encourage more companies to do business on our platform, making it difficult for them to take advantage of. data to find customers outside of Facebook, we will benefit “.

Zuckerberg’s comments seem to undermine the possible impact on the social media’s revenue. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also said he’s prepared to respond to Apple’s privacy changes and has launched additional business products like the Facebook Store and Instagram Store.

These products allow retailers to use Facebook’s back-end tools to catalog products and sell directly through social media. “Facebook often exaggerates the challenges rather than underestimating them. If they say it’s more like mitigation,” said Ryan Jacob, a fund manager at Jacob Internet Fund, which holds Facebook shares. As an obstacle, it can be an inspiration. “

“This shows that the Facebook platform still has enough options over the next few years to continue to achieve rapid growth”, experts from Morgan Stanley based on the potential of Facebook in the field. ecommerce.

Phong Vu

New approach to Vietnamese social network

New approach to Vietnamese social network

“The new generation of Vietnamese social networks must be the product of the third Internet wave, committed to cooperation and sharing benefits with users, and develop in association with users’ interests.”


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