A series of Apple applications and services are paralyzed

Apple has addressed a widespread paralysis issue that made many apps and services like Apple Music, iCloud, and the App Store inaccessible.

The service interruption at dawn on March 22 (Vietnam time) not only affects Apple users, but also makes it difficult for company employees who are working remotely, retail employees cannot. finish the job. According to an unnamed employee, it interferes with product repair, exchange, in-store pickup, and limits the ability to communicate and access the internal website.

Apple informed employees that the incident originated from the domain name system (DNS). DNS problems occur when a server fails to connect to an Internet protocol address and usually involve people.

The company confirmed the problem on its website and said 15 services were down with “a few users”. These include the App Store, Arcade, TV+, music and podcasts. By about 2:40 am on March 22 (Vietnam time), the problem was fixed.

Users started complaining about service interruptions around 0:00 on March 22, according to crash tracking website DownDetector. Bloomberg said that it is rare for Apple to have such a large-scale problem, because the iPhone maker always puts the customer experience first.

“Apple defect” is not the only technology company experiencing problems on the same day. Still according to DownDetector, website services of Amazon and Google are also affected, although not as seriously as Apple.

Du Lam (According to Bloomberg)

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