A restoration marginalizes Belmondo in Le Marginal

Philippe Lombard, a cinephile author, noticed that the name of Jean-Paul Belmondo has disappeared from the credits of the film, directed by Jacques Deray in 1983, remastered by Studiocanal and broadcast by Netflix.

Without a doubt, this looks like a crime of lese-Belmondo. Pointed out by Philippe Lombard, a specialist in the Bébel gesture, an awkward 4K restoration of the Marginal by StudioCanal removed the name of Jean-Paul Belmondo from the detective film directed by Jacques Deray in 1983. Netflix, which has just bought part of the Magnifique catalog and which obviously saw nothing but fire, is currently broadcasting it on its platform without asking any questions.

Philippe Lombard, the perceptive observer of what must be called a botched remastering is a prolific author who has already written more than thirty books on cinema. Truffaut, Audiard, Goscinny … nothing escapes the keen eye of this film enthusiast who is passionate about the smallest details of the shoot which often say a lot about the genesis and the posterity of a work. The title of one of his works, – Three hundred filming anecdotes (Hugo Image) -, in a way, synthesizes his attention to detail.

Belmondo deleted from the credits

Faithful to his image of cinematographic investigator, in his tweet Philippe Lombard is amused by the annoying oblivion of the overly distracted restaurateur: “ So like that, StudioCanal, we remove the name of Jean-Paul Belmondo from the credits of the Marginal? Funny idea, isn’t it? Bad manipulation by restoring the film in HD / 4K? It’s too bad! Netflix knows?

Punctuated by an emoji as funny as it is mocking, Philippe Lombard’s message denounces, with a smile on his lips, the culpable negligence of these two entities who have, it seems, forgotten that “BELMONDOWritten in very big, was synonymous in the 80s, with an almost programmed success at the box office. The misfit will not fail to the rule since the muscular methods of the divisional commissioner Jordan, decorated with audiardian dialogues with the small onions, will attract some 4.9 million spectators in the dark rooms. A record at the time!

Now alerted, Studiocanal through the voice of Juliette Hochart, the director of its catalog, made amends by promising to deliver a version faithful to the original work: “ Handling error in fact at the time of the restoration carried out since 2008. Thank you for the alert because we had missed it. This is being fixed and the master will be re-delivered to Netflix and the other broadcasters who have purchased the rights.Phew!

The misfit by Jacques Deray in 1983, dialogue by Michel Audiard, music by Ennio Morricone, with Jean-Paul Belmondo, Henri Silva, Carlos Sotto Mayor, Pierre Vernier …


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