A real phenomenon: Bodin’s in Thailand topped the box office ahead of Aline

Frédéric Forestier’s film gathered 580,181 people in 488 theaters and did better than previous adaptations to the cinema of the duo’s pranks with peasant humor: Amélie in the land of the Bodins and Marriage at the Bodins.

The comedy Bodins in Thailand dethroned the true-false biopic on Celine Dion, Aline, at the head of the box office (week of November 17 to 23), with more than 580,000 spectators for its first week of exploitation in theaters.

Valérie Lemercier’s film takes second place in the ranking and has accumulated around 900,000 admissions after two weeks on the screens. Valérie Lemercier plays the Quebec singer from 7 to 50 years old.

1. “Bodins in Thailand»(New): 580,181 entries – 488 copies
2. Aline: 301,206 entries (896,417 entries in 2 weeks) – 702 copies
3. The Eternals: 209,800 entries (1,455,865 entries in 3 weeks) – 620 copies
4. We are made to get along (new): 158,922 admissions – 430 copies
5. Lovers (new): 136,003 admissions – 368 copies

Bodins in Thailand by Frédéric Forestier, in 2021, with Vincent Dubois, Jean-Christian Fraiscinet …


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