A new tool to help people with disabilities in their job search

The employment and disability barometer has just been launched. The aim is to make it easier for people with disabilities to identify the most inclusive companies. The latter can be referenced there if they wish.

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There was already the equal pay index to assess the level ofequality between men and women. A few days ago, on March 10, 2022, the Employment and Disability Barometer was launched to find out where companies are in their approach to welcoming workers with disabilities.

There are big differences between these two tools. The Employment and Disability barometer is completed on a strictly voluntary basis by companies and does not give rise to a score out of 100. The aim is to enable people with disabilities to more easily target companies ready to hire them.

The Employment and Disability barometer takes into account six criteria. Firstly, the rate of employment of people with disabilities. It should rise to 6%, but is more around 3.5% in the private sector. This barometer also takes into account the existence of a disability policy in the company, with the existence of a disability referent in particular. It also gives indications on the continued employment of disabled employees.

>> The site lists companies that are committed to promoting the professional integration of people with disabilities.

The least we can say is that there is progress to be made. A lot of information is not complete and it is very difficult to compare companies with each other. But some indicate, in the “comment” box, a direct contact for job seekers with disabilities. These files have the merit of identifying certain companies that are more advanced than others or that have a proactive approach.

Conversely, some companies find it difficult to recruit as many people with disabilities as they would like. They complain about the lack of candidates. Some prefer to conceal their disability situation when it could facilitate their access to employment. This barometer could help make this labor market more fluid.

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