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A new infection knocked in Hong Kong, 7 people died, alert issued

New Virus in Hong Kong: A deadly infection has knocked in Hong Kong. Seven people have been confirmed dead due to this infection. In such a situation, Hong Kong is facing a health crisis due to the spread of this infection. According to a report, this infection is spread from fresh water fish. Hong Kong’s Wet Market has reported an outbreak of this fish-borne infection. At the same time, seafood experts have cautioned buyers against touching freshwater fish in these damp markets.

Health officials have warned after 79 cases of this deadly Group B Streptococcus microorganism infection were reported in September and October 2021. It has been said in the report that at least seven people have been reported to have died due to this infection. In response to the report, the Center for Health Protection (CHP) on Thursday confirmed that the infection has been identified as ST283. This has been confirmed from 32 people infected. It has been said in the report that there have been about 26 cases every 30 days and now the number of people falling prey to this infection is increasing.

At the same time, the corona virus spread all over the world from Wuhan, China has once again started wreaking havoc in China. Many flights have been cancelled. Schools are being closed. Lockdown has been imposed again in some places. China had overcome this infection in the initial times. When the cases of infection increase again, the government has started testing on a large scale.

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