A movie studio hanging on the International Space Station in 2024

The SEE-1 will be attached to the ISS for four years, before orbiting around it. In addition to cinema, television, musical and sports content can be shot from this new kind of studio.

Space has always fascinated Hollywood; it is now his new playground. After the announcement of a film shot in the cosmos by Tom Cruise and the recent shooting of a Russian film entitled The challenge shot from the International Space Station (ISS), The Hollywood Reporter announces that a film studio is going to be sent into space. Take-off scheduled for December 2024. The SEE-1, that’s its name, is developed by the American company Axiom Space. The project first plans to attach the studio to the international space station, before detaching it and making it orbit around the ISS from 2028. The company Space Entertainment Enterprise was created for the occasion by Elena and Dmitry Lenevsky. The latter are the producers of the film developed by Tom Cruise.

The module should accommodate cinema, but also filming for television, musical and sporting events, as well as other content specially created from the station. “SEE-1 is an incredible opportunity for humanity to step into a different realm and start an exciting new chapter in space.“, explain Elena and Dmitry Lenevsky. “It will provide a single, accessible home for limitless entertainment possibilities in a location filled with innovative infrastructure (…). SEE-1 will not only be the first, but also the highest quality space structure enabling the expansion of the $2 billion global entertainment industry into low Earth orbit.“, they complete in the pages of the HollywoodReporter.

Americans and Russians side by side

If nothing has leaked regarding the script of the feature film developed by Tom Cruise, we know that it will be directed by Doug Liman, responsible in particular for Mr & Mrs Smith and Edge of Tomorrow . The project is worth around 200 million dollars, including at least 30 million dollars in the pocket of Tom Cruise. The latter would have said no to streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime and signed a contract with Universal, so that the film would be released in dark rooms.

The Russian movie The challenge is much more advanced. Directed by Klip Chipenko, filming began on October 5. The director and lead actress Yulia Peressild took off for the ISS from the Russian base in Baikonur, aboard the Soyuz MS-19 mission. Shot in 12 days, the film will have experience value according to the director. It features an astronaut in peril, who must undergo emergency heart surgery in weightlessness. No release date has yet been revealed.


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