A month before its release, Mourir can wait offers a final trailer

After two years of delay, 007 is finally back in service for what should be Daniel Craig’s last lap in the shoes of Her Majesty’s secret agent.

The public never stops waiting for him. Announced, at one time, for 2019, postponed to spring and then to autumn 2020, before being finally reprogrammed – after a series of twists of which only the Covid has the secret – to October 6, 2021, the next James Bond is finally offers its final trailer. Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga starring, for the last time, Daniel Craig as the best dressed spy on the planet, To die can wait remembers the good memories of the spectators, one month before its theatrical release, with a lot of racing cars, stunts, femme fatales, grape-shot and impeccably tied ties.

A new and elusive threat, embodied by a Rami Malek hiding his scars under an alabaster-colored mask, hangs over James Bond. Caught again, since his peaceful Jamaican retirement, in a dark story of espionage and global conspiracy, 007 relapses despite himself in an adventure that will see him roam from Italy to Norway, alongside a new agent 00 – played by Lashana Lynch – and two shock teammates, Léa Seydoux and Ana de Armas. Despite the help of his allies and MI6, His Majesty’s spy will also have to consult his former bête noire, Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Christoph Waltz), who has been put in irons since the final of Spectrum , the previous part of the saga. “It’s hard to separate the villains from the heroes these days”, notes Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright), Bond’s American friend.

To the delight of the public opposed to the slightest disclosure, it will be very difficult to get a precise idea of ​​the history of this next James Bond with the help of this latest trailer. The new images unveiled by Universal at least give a glimpse of their share of great spectacle, in addition to recapitulating the distribution of the film postponed from date to date and that the general public has already had time to forget.

From air trips in a jet with modular wings to a variety of frantic chases – by motorbike or by car – between the North Sea and the Mediterranean, To die can wait promises at least one last memorable adventure for the James Bond played by Daniel Craig. Unless there is a final turnaround of course, the British actor having already sworn hard as iron, for at least the two previous sections, that he would not be taken up again. If dying can wait, James Bond never dies.


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