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A man misbehaved with a female attendant in Frontier airline, crew members taught a lesson

It has often been seen that there are many people in the flight who behave very rudely with the airline staff. In the latest case, a man was seen in a US airline frontier having obscene behavior with a female flight attendant and manhandling other crew members on the flight. After which that passenger was tied with tape on the seat.

young man misbehaved with female flight attendant

Actually, a video is going viral very fast on social media. In which a man can be seen shouting at the flight attendant and behaving badly with the people traveling in the flight. Apart from this, in the second video, the same person can also be seen tied through tape on the seat of the flight.

Reported to the Miami-Dade Police Department

It is being told that during the flight, the man tried to touch two female flight attendants inappropriately and then started shouting at them. In the video, he can be seen shouting at the flight attendant and saying that his parents have assets worth $2 million. At present, the name of the young man is being told as Maxwell Wilkinson Barry and a report has been filed in this matter with the Miami-Dade Police Department.

According to the video going viral on social media, the youth had a drink during the flight, after which he was seen inhumanely treating the female flight attendant and also abusing the crew members. After which he started roaming shirtless in the flight under the influence of alcohol. At the same time, before the flight reached Miami in America, the crew members together tied it to the seat.

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