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HanoiProfessor, Dr. Huynh Thi Phuong Lien, who brought Japanese encephalitis vaccine technology to Vietnam, received the title of Labor Hero on the afternoon of January 19.

Professor, Dr. Huynh Thi Phuong Lien, 81 years old, has 112 scientific works published in domestic and foreign scientific journals, participating in 12 State-level scientific research projects. In particular, the most outstanding achievement of Professor Lien is the production of three vaccines of cholera, typhoid (TAB) and vaccines against smallpox in the war against the US.

Most recently, she received the transfer of technology to produce Japanese encephalitis vaccine for the first generation, helping Vietnam to self-control production technology and put vaccines into the expanded vaccination program in 1997. Japanese encephalitis is Acute viral infectious disease is the leading cause of viral encephalitis and neurological disability. As a result, the morbidity rate decreases, the death rate and neurological sequelae are reduced. Currently the rate is only 5-10%. This is also the first vaccine to be exported abroad by Vietnam, averaging more than 5.4 million doses to India.

Since 2006, she worked on the production of a second-generation Japanese encephalitis vaccine, using inactivated vaccine technology on vero cells to replace the old technology that was outdated and exposed many limitations. The inactivated vaccine is made from killed microorganisms but still retains the ability to immunize the body. Vietnam is the fourth country in the world to have this technology, after Austria, Japan and China. In 2018, the second-generation Japanese encephalitis vaccine, which has completed a three-stage clinical trial, is about to be released on the market soon.

Share with VnExpress, Professor Lien said: “I never thought of striving to become a Labor Hero”. 54 years as a profession, she just indulged in research on vaccines, viruses, studies one after another. For Professor Lien, the biggest payoff is when the vaccine is widely vaccinated on children aged one to five years old, reducing the burden of disease for the country, low cost, easy access to many people and even export. .

Professor Lien is a senior expert at Vabiotech Company, one of four units participating in the Covid-19 vaccine research. She is not directly involved in the research and production of vaccines, but is willing to advise and share knowledge about virus research and vaccine production.

Professor, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Long, Minister of Health, evaluated: “During the working process, the people’s physician, professor, Dr. Huynh Thi Phuong Lien has always strived and tried to get drunk. charm and a sense of responsibility “.

Professor Lien introduces Japanese encephalitis vaccine of the second generation. Image: Minh Quyet.



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