“A lack of respect”: a banana thrown at a Brazilian football player during a friendly match in Paris

A banana was thrown from the stands towards Brazilian striker Richarlison who was celebrating a goal scored against Tunisia (5-1) Tuesday, September 27 in a friendly at the Parc des Princes, where the Brazilian anthem was also whistled, at the great anger of the Seleçao.

While Richarlison had just scored Brazil’s second goal (19th minute) in this preparation meeting for the 2022 World Cup (November 20-December 18), the Tottenham striker was targeted by a few projectiles from the stands, including a banana who landed on the lawn.

The sequel after the ad

Looking upset, Richarlison returned to his position after celebrating the goal with his teammates.

“Football does not justify everything”

“Lamentably, after an action, a banana was thrown on the lawn in the direction of Richarlison, author of the second Brazilian goal. The CBF reaffirms its position in the fight against racism and rejects all forms of prejudice »wrote the Brazilian federation (CBF) on its Twitter account.

Coach Tite also condemned the incident: “Football does not justify everything”he launched, raising his voice at a press conference, before calling for “better educate young people” and to “punishments” for this kind of behavior.

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“It’s a shame, it’s hard to see images like that”said for his part the Brazilian defender Thiago Silva in the mixed zone, deploring this incident when the Brazilian players had posed before the match with a banner against racism.

The sequel after the ad

“Unfortunately it seems like you can’t change people’s mentality. I hope they will realize that that doesn’t work, that’s the past, we have to change. Unfortunately people continue with this mentality.he lamented.

The match briefly interrupted

Last week, the Brazilian team defended another of its attackers, Vinicius Junior, targeted by racist chants during a Real Madrid match on the ground of its neighbor, Atlético. Spanish justice has opened an investigation.

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This friendly match between Brazil and Tunisia, played in front of a vast majority of Tunisian fans at the Parc des Princes, was also marked by other incidents, particularly before the match, when the Brazilian anthem was greeted by a lined with whistles descended from the stands.

Brazilian defender Marquinhos, shaking his head in annoyance, didn’t understand the stadium’s reaction, as did Tite: “I was puzzled, I was saying no, it’s a lack of respect. Football is a sport that promotes inclusion”said the coach.

Finally, in the first period, the match was briefly interrupted following the use of laser pointers aimed at the players. The stadium announcer then called on supporters to stop using these devices.

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