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A hypersensitive child often destabilizes the family

“Having a hypersensitive child when you are yourself is not easy”

Chloe, 34, two boys.

“We discovered that Camille, 7, was hypersensitive during a test to find out if he had high potential. To be honest, I had suspected it for a long time, I myself am hypersensitive. He is a child who has emotions that go all over the place. Joy, he feels it might ten thousand and when he is sad, it’s the end of the world. One day he saw a sunrise and he told us about it for a week. When the cat died, he cried for a long time, and for months he asked to see photos, even though he hadn’t known him much. He is also very perfectionist and demanding of himself. As soon as he is wrong, he is immediately null and this can take disproportionate proportions.

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Having a hypersensitive child when you are yourself is not easy. I can better understand what he is feeling, without minimizing it, like my parents did. But it’s also complicated because of the mirror effect. When a situation is difficult for him to manage and I am concerned, I have more difficulty accompanying him because I have my own emotions to deal with. “

“To talk to her, we take her in our arms”

Jahel, 33, two daughters.

“We quickly realized that Sylia was hypersensitive and the information gathered on the Internet or in books came to support our intuition. When I was little, if I scolded her or refused her something, she looked devastated. Everything was taking on enormous proportions. We really realized this when she communicated outside the family circle. She easily had tears in her eyes if anyone spoke to her regardless of her personality.

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Today, at 7 years old, this hypersensitivity manifests itself a lot in the hair. To dress it, it is the cross and the banner. His school results can also trigger big waves of emotions. Sylia is also a very empathetic child. Although reserved, she does not hesitate to go and defend a little one who is being bothered in the yard. Now we know how to talk to him. When it is necessary to impose our authority, we must take it in the arms to comfort it and explain to it. We also talk a lot about our emotions. “

“We take him into nature to calm him down”

Angélique, 41, two boys.

“My 4-year-old eldest son is a real sponge, he absorbs everything he feels around him. Depending on the mood, it can be quiet or really jerk. With my husband, we took him to see many specialists and they all made us feel guilty. A reputable child psychiatrist told us that we are transferring our anxieties to specialist educators. And then one day we moved to the Landes and enrolled him in a Montessori school. There, the school psychologist told us about hypersensitivity.

In this school, they were teaching in the woods and he could let go of an emotional overflow. We had to come back to the Gers but we continue to take him into nature as soon as there is tension and we see that he is calmer. Arthur questioned our principles of education and had to do a lot of work on us to be in the reception of emotions. “


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