A hilarious trailer for the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The ninth feature film dedicated to the horror saga and its serial killer will be released on February 18 on Netflix.

Hollywood’s most iconic chainsaw is back in action. Omnipresent hemoglobin, jerky editing, serrated blades and a few looks filled with dread: yes, no doubt, it is indeed Chainsaw Massacre . Direct sequel to the first film in the horror saga, the new part of the horrific gesture offered a first trailer on Monday, in the final stretch before its release on Netflix on February 18.

Without subtitles or numbering, the ninth feature film devoted to the serial killer Leatherface takes up the hackneyed codes of the genre. The first images set the tone: a bloodied and feverish blonde, a field of sunflowers, a hoarse breath, a cry and then, finally, the head of the psychopathic murderer which springs from an expanse of gloomy flowers. Entrusted to the Texan director David Blue Garcia (Tejano), the film adapts a story written with the participation of Kim Henkel, co-screenwriter of the original film, in a clear desire to go back to basics. A vein also exploited more or less skilfully by other horror sagas such as Scream and Halloween.

Modernized Horror

Thus, in the manner ofHalloween Kills, which brought back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, the new Chainsaw Massacre invokes the memory of the character of Sally Hardesty. The survivor of the first film, released in 1974 and directed by Tobe Hooper, is played by Olwen Fouéré; the original actress, Marilyn Burns, having died in 2014. Driven by a ferocious desire for revenge, the seasoned heroine comes to the aid of a group of young people who have come to settle in Texas, in a village with the false air of a city Phantom. The start of their new life turns tragic, however, when the ferocious Leatherface chases the young men.

As in his first appearance in 1974, the sadistic and silent Texan – who always wears the cut faces of his victims – above all lets his bloodthirsty chainsaw do the talking. Or his axe, to vary. As the trailer shows, the tool is in no way less effective at chopping up oak logs or human bodies than motorized machinery. Chainsaw Massacre doesn’t seem to have lost its bite. Except for one detail, perhaps.

“If you try anything, you’re toast”, warns a character, brandishing his lit smartphone in front of Leatherface. Enigmatic and sinister, the silhouette prepares to massacre – with a chainsaw – the group of young people gathered in a bus and who film it in the same movement. A caustic comment on the place of social networks? Not only. The translation did not venture into the precise vocabulary used in the original version. That is to say on the risk, for the serial killer, of being “cancelled”. Sign that behind the conventional horror entertainment, the words shock even more than the blood.


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