A hero, The Snow Panther, The Beta Test … Movies to watch or avoid this week

An Iranian news item, a documentary in the heart of the Himalayan mountains, a Hollywood satire … Discover the cinema selection of the Figaro.

A hero, drama by Asghar Farhadi: to have

These gold coins are going to cost him the eyes of the head. There were seventeen. They were in a bag that Rahim picked up from a bus stop. First little lie: in reality, it was his fiancée who got hold of the booty. This arrangement with the truth will have consequences. We are well at Farhadi. A tiny thing, and everything changes. From a news item, Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi reveals the wounds of his country. É. NOT.


The Snow Leopard : to have

Vincent Munier continues to survey the Earth, a tireless solitary pedestrian. He photographed the Arctic wolf, the Hokkaido cranes and the snow leopard, mythical animal of the Himalayas. Three years ago, he took Sylvain Tesson to Tibet to try and introduce him to the feline and its territory. The traveling writer has drawn an account of their journey (The Snow Leopard, Renaudot Prize in 2019). We find some of his words in the film which comes out this Wednesday. The Snow Leopard, carried by the music of Warren Ellis, is much more than an animal documentary. It is a film about the gaze, the visible and the invisible. É. S.


The Beta Test : to have

Jim Cummings directs this film in which he plays a movie agent shaken by a naughty invitation. And this is how he finds himself in a hotel room with a mask over his eyes in the company of a stranger he will not see. The experience leaves him with dazzled memories. It’s clean: the guy is about to marry the charming Caroline, who has eyes only for him. Unfortunately, he will no longer receive any mail of this ilk. An excellent satire of the environment and its cynicism. É. NOT.

1 h 31

Spider-Man: No Way Home : you can see

For the third act Spider-Man: No Way Home, Jon Watts signs an intelligent blockbuster which reconnects the threads of a film saga of twenty years. The story resumes just after the events of the second part. The whole world has exposed Spider-Man. Peter Parker, who is about to enter college, can no longer separate his normal life from his superheroic exploits. Desperate, he asks Doctor Strange for help, who will open for him the oh so dangerous doors of the “multiverse”, the telescoping between several universes, and therefore several avatars … A film which manages to surprise the spectator, by providing him with both emotion, humor and a touch of nostalgia.

2 h 28

Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn : you can see

Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn, by Radu Jude, awarded the Golden Bear at the Berlinale 2021, is a vitriolic portrait of Romania in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, from a sextape that accidentally ends up on the web. Emilia, a history teacher and unwitting porn video star with her husband, has to explain herself in front of the student’s parents. Before this reactionary and grotesque tribunal, we follow the wandering of a haggard Emilia in the city. The first film to represent our masked and edgy daily life, this bazooka satire shows that pornography is everywhere except in Emilia’s sex life. É. S. »READ ALSO – Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn by Radu Jude, Golden Bear in Berlin

1 h 46

Dragon princess : you can see

The title nod to Princess Mononoke, Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece is not due to chance. The new feature film from French animation and video game studio Ankama pays tribute to the legendary Studio Ghibli. It features a dragon on his pile of gold, a frog witch, a ridiculous earl, a greedy king, a fearless princess and a creature with green hair. The fable of Jean-Jacques Denis and Anthony Roux does not have the scope and the beauty of its model, but it is not devoid of charm. É. S.
1 h 14

Dear Lea : to avoid

Grégory Montel settles down in a café to write a letter to Anaïs Demoustier, his ex, who lives opposite. Behind the bar, Grégory Gadebois observes him. Jérôme Bonnell has a little talent for putting together sentimental intrigues (Le Chignon d’Olga, Le Temps de l’Aventure, À trois on y va). This time, the chatty, bistro-style camera didn’t work for him. Between counter briefs and not much disturbing. É. S.

1 h 30


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