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A “Grenelle” to put school back at the center of society

The Grenelle Education Forum was planned for a long time. And its opening was maintained, Thursday, October 22, in the enclosure of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council. Despite the attack that targeted Samuel Paty six days earlier. Or rather because this barbaric act perpetrated against a professor of history and geography shows that he is “More than ever necessary to put school at the center of society “, As Jean-Michel Blanquer’s entourage says.

This meeting, which will run until February 2021, will be an opportunity to hear from staff, parents of students, unions and civil society, at the discretion of working groups which will be led by personalities such as the child psychiatrist. Marcel Rufo or the writer Daniel Pennac.

Towards a multiannual programming law

This Grenelle will integrate a social agenda engaged for a year. It will therefore be a question of training, professional careers, occupational health and even the local human resources policy experienced here and there for two years. It will also be a question of bringing about a revaluation of the profession, while the remuneration of teachers, often lower than those observed in neighboring countries, constitutes a brake on recruitment.

On this point, Jean-Michel Blanquer confirms his desire to lead to a multi-year law but without advancing on a timetable. Such a law had already been announced in 2019 as part of the pension reform, with a major revaluation to compensate for the transition to a less favorable regime.

400 million euros more from 2021

The minister argues that a prime “Very concrete signal” was given with the presentation of the finance bill for 2021, which provides for an additional budget of 400 million euros (500 million euros for a full year because certain long-term measures will only start during the year). Priority is given to the youngest teachers, with € 100 more per month from 2021, insists the minister.

While the confinement has highlighted the disparity in the equipment of teachers, who until now bought computers, tablets and printers with their own money, Jean-Michel Blanquer also mentions the annual IT bonus of € 250 which will now be paid to teachers, taking into account an amortization generally spread over five years for this type of material.

“If it is indeed the first step of a staircase which continues to climb, these measures are positive”, reacted Stéphane Crochet, secretary general of SE-UNSA. This teacher union official will however continue to be vigilant: “Our colleagues do not fear the change but rather a possible request for compensation for the announced revaluation. They want the increase in remuneration to mark recognition of the efforts already made in increasingly significant areas such as social inclusion, personalized support or guidance support ”, he emphasizes.

A tribute in establishments after returning from vacation

Beyond these issues, this Grenelle should also be an opportunity to build “A school open to its environment, with regional projects, close links with other public actors and the associative fabric”, pleads Alexis Torchet, national secretary of Sgen-CFDT. An objective that must nevertheless be reconciled with another major challenge: the protection of personnel. A workshop on this theme has indeed been added in extremis to take into account the tragic topicality of the attack.

In the meantime, Jean-Michel Blanquer is advancing the first leads for the tribute that will be paid to Samuel Paty on November 2, upon returning from the All Saints holidays. It is a question of a minute of silence, of “Educational moments”, of “Moments of discussion between the teams of teachers”, of a “Support” which will be brought to them that day and the following days. The minister also proposes that elected representatives of the Republic be present in schools, colleges, high schools alongside teachers.


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