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A former head of the Stanislas establishment targeted by a judicial investigation

Emotion within the Stanislas school complex, in the 6e district of the capital. As revealed, Monday, December 14, the daily The world, the Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation against one of its former executives, long prefect of boarding school for preparatory classes – which brings together several hundred male residents – and music teacher in the boys’ college. The investigations, carried out by the juvenile brigade, aim to determine whether there has been “Sexual assault by a person in authority, violence in a school establishment and bullying”.

A first closed case

To understand the chain of events, we have to go back to the fall of 2018. At that time, the management of this elitist establishment discovered, thanks to a firewall software identifying access to certain Internet sites to protect students, that the person concerned consults child pornography images on his professional computer. She fired him for serious misconduct, reported to the prosecutor and informed the rectorate. The latter convenes a first disciplinary commission, canceled for technicality, then a second. In the meantime, at the end of May 2020, the man in question resigned from the National Education, which was his employer with regard to his mission as a teacher.

However, the person concerned contests his dismissal before the industrial tribunal, which at first instance, on June 9, concluded that Stanislas had suffered damage and ordered him to pay 12,000 in damages. He’s appealing.

At the same time, the investigation opened by the courts was quickly closed. “In particular in view of the limited number of child pornography images found on the person’s computer”, indicates Frédéric Gautier.

Former students demand a listening cell

However, as noted in the industrial tribunal judgment, “during the criminal investigation”, the man “was reported as being the subject of acts of rape covered by the statute of limitations”. A complaint was thus filed in 2016 for a sexual assault dating back to the 1980s, in a summer camp, specifies the director of “Stan”.

This various information reached four former students in early 2020, who then asked the establishment to “To communicate on the reasons which led to the dismissal and to open a listening cell to free the word of potential victims”, as two of them say, reached by phone.

These two former students do not consider themselves as victims but claim to have received testimonies from former comrades who would have been the subject of “Inappropriate gestures, bullying, beatings or harassment”. “Very alarming testimonies from people who, wishing to keep the secret, did not wish to file a complaint or testify to the press”, indicates one of them.

A second report

It was finally Stan’s management who in October, on the strength of their comments, made a second report. Report which led to the opening of a new investigation, entrusted to the brigade for the protection of minors.

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The management of the establishment denies having ” keep silent “ on this case. She said to have informed her staff, as well as the families of the students of the boarding school and those of the college who had the concerned as a music teacher, of the dismissal for serious misconduct. But she believes that the law did not allow her “To comment or disclose the exact nature of this fault”, because legal proceedings were in progress.


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