A fatal mistake made the founder of Shark Tank become the owner of a big technology company

This is an unprecedented incident in Shark Tank Vietnam’s precedent, when the founder of the startup raised capital with the wrong name of another business.

Episode 15 of the TV show Shark Tank aired on VTV3 on the evening of August 8 featured Moneybot. This is a startup with an application product that helps users manage their personal finances.

However, what surprised many people when two founders Nguyen Duc Giang and Nguyen Thi Tu Suong of Moneybot were introduced with the caption as Co-Founder of Rikkeisoft. This is an enterprise that is rated in the top of software export services in Vietnam. This makes viewers surprised by the “terrible” of the Co-Founders participating in the project.

The founder of Moneybot was introduced as the Co-Founder of Rikkeisoft.

However, right after the broadcast, Mr. Ta Son Tung, Chairman of Rikkeisoft’s Board of Members, was also surprised by this information.

Sharing on his personal Facebook, Mr. Tung suggested: “How should VTV3 with the program “Shark Tank” review, but Rikkeisoft completely doesn’t know and can’t understand these Co-founders.

At this time, many newcomers turned out that this was an incident of “one man’s beard plugged in another woman’s chin” of the production team of the program Shark Tank – Billionaire deal.

Sharing after this incident, the representative of TVHub – the copyright holder of the program Shark Tank – Billionaire deal in Vietnam admitted that episode 15 broadcast at 8pm on Sunday, August 8, 2021 had posted the wrong name. The company of the Moneybot personal financial management application becomes a Rikkeisoft company.

“After receiving the feedback, we immediately checked and asked to correct that the exact business name of the Moneybot application startup is iAI Joint Stock Company. The two Moneybot co-founders said that they used to work at Rikkeisoft, so the editor was confused about this information, “said the representative of the Shark Tank program.

Before the above incident, Shark Tank Vietnam also apologized to Rikkeisoft and startup Moneybot for this error. The program will include the correct company name in the full version and the YouTube post.

Trong Dat

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