A day on the set of Blood Oranges, Jean-Christophe Meurisse’s new film

REPORT – Coming from the theater, the director of the company Les Chiens de Navarre releases his troupe, Patrice Laffont, Blanche Gardin and a few others on the set of his second feature film.

Special envoy to Sens (Yonne)

If the masks protect against the coronavirus and bad breath, they also have the merit of stifling giggles. In everyday life, this virtue may seem superfluous. Especially in our lives under a pandemic, where opportunities for frank hilarity are rare. But on a film set, it can be useful. Particularly when Jean-Christophe Meurisse is on the move. We checked it out in Sens, in Yonne, at the Roger Breton sports complex, setting for the 22e day of filmingBlood oranges. The team laughed under the mask from the first aftershocks. Not easy to frame or take the sound in these conditions. A hardship bonus would be welcome.

Today’s footage features the jury’s deliberations for a rock dance competition. Four men and two women with questionable expertise must select the finalists. Between Aline and Georges du Havre, Anne-Claire and Sylvain from Bastia, or even Laurence and Thierry from

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