A Covid-19 patient progresses heavily like the British pilot’s case

Associate Professor Luong Ngoc Khue said the above information at the national conference on February 11. The consultation session connects to the bridge sites treating Covid-19 patients across the country, in which there is the case of “patient 1536” – the most severe today.

“Patient 1536”, 79 years old, returned from the United States immediately to isolation, hospitalized on January 15. She was diagnosed with Covid-19 severe pneumonia on a background of hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart failure; complications of arrhythmia, blood clotting disorders. The patient has been prescribed ECMO intervention. Up to now, the Professional Council has held 6 national consultations to discuss the best treatment plan for this case.

Professor Ngo Quy Chau, Chairman of the Vietnam Respiratory Association, held a conference on February 11, asking Da Nang Lung Hospital to take back a sample of the patient’s bronchial fluid for testing. The most recent test result on 7/2 patient was still positive for nCoV.

Professor Nguyen Van Kinh, President of the Vietnam Society of Infectious Diseases, is concerned that the patient’s blood clotting disorder seems to be more serious. Doctors are trying to explain the situation, consider the antibiotic strategy because over the past time, the patient has surrounded but the patient’s condition has not changed.

The health developments of “patient 1536” are evaluated by the Consultative Group about the status of “patient 91” (British pilot) last year.

The British pilot, 43 years old, treated at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases of Ho Chi Minh City and Cho Ray Hospital, from March to July 2020, was the heaviest Covid-19 patient and had the longest treatment period, up to now. Patients with “Cytokine storm”, which means that the immune system overreacts against the body itself, the lungs are clumped 90%, the blood clotting disorder is thought to be at times desperate. The Ministry of Health then considered the lung transplant option as a fragile ray of hope. Fortunately, the patient overcame the danger, the gradual recovery is considered a miracle, leaving the hospital, returning home, and returning to a normal life.

Specialists at the bridge heads for the online consultation treat severe Covid-19 patients. Image: Ministry of Health.

At Quang Ninh Hospital No. 2 Lung Hospital, Doctor Nguyen Quoc Hung, Director of the hospital, said that the health of the patients being treated here is stable, some patients have first test results. negative. In order to encourage the patient’s spirit, especially a family with several isolated people for treatment, the hospital has tried to arrange a tray of five fruits for everyone to burn incense on New Year’s Eve …


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