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A book lifts the taboo and says “all about the rules”

So far, few books, written so factually, have existed on this subject. All about the rules (1), written by Anna Roy and illustrated by Mademoiselle Caroline, answers many questions that young girls, women but also men ask themselves. “In my consultations, I recommended books that sometimes offended patients. It is difficult to find documentary books that are not politically oriented, committed to feminism, or whose tone was not too complex or too childish ”, observes Anna Roy.

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Midwife in Paris, columnist in the show “La maison des maternelles” on France 2, she confides having dreamed of this book for a long time. The author relied on the experience of her consultations, on the questions that are asked regularly but also on a substantial work of popularization of science.

In-depth work

“The tone used is the one I use with my patients. It is intentionally very accessible, suitable for all ages. Behind the simplicity of the written explanations, there is substantive work carried out with the scientific community ”, she explains. Each chapter is approached by a question, the answer of which is provided in a clear, educational way, with a touch of humor served by colorful and precise illustrations.

” My idea, justifies the illustrator Mademoiselle Caroline, was to create a group of young girls, whom we follow throughout the book. Not victims… ” In total, 40 questions follow one another, from the simplest – “What are the rules? ” -, up to the most complex or the most unknown. Premenstrual syndrome, toxic shock, pain …

Focus on endometriosis

A focus on endometriosis, for example, is very informative, reminding us that this pathology is still too long to diagnose. “Women who have it have a terrible time when they go to college, to high school, to work. Yet, they are told it is normal. However, it is not. Period pain is not inevitable ”, insists Anna Roy.

Rules affect more than half of the population but few know what they entail. “I hope that by reading the book, young girls will learn things from their own mothers. The boys are also invited to read these pages in order to understand what it consists of ”, hopes Anna Roy.

It is, in passing, to break with stubborn prejudices. Yes, women feel “Weird” before the arrival of the rules, she plays down. Generation after generation, speech frees itself. “Teenagers talk about it a lot more than their elders”, notes Anna Roy in her study. But the midwife warns: “If social networks allow us to talk more about it, they are full of sometimes erroneous information. ” A good reason to put this book in everyone’s hands.


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