A 3-year-old boy had a stroke after getting nCoV

America3-year-old Colt Parris, from Missouri, had a brain stroke after testing positive for nCoV, suggesting that Covid-19 might affect the nervous system.

After surgery to remove the blood clot, baby Colt Parris recovered at the Hospital for Women and Children, University of Missouri, on 24/12. Doctors hope the baby will be completely healthy as before.

Neuroscientist, Camilo Gomez, said the experts were looking at whether Covid-19 and the neurological problems were interrelated.

During the onset of a pandemic, researchers looked at the link between nCoV and the formation of blood clots, including those affecting the patient’s brain.

Medical staff helped place a Covid-19 patient on her stomach at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Los Angeles, to ease breathing, Nov. 19. Image: AP.

A study of 214 patients earlier this year in Wuhan, China, found that more than one-third of infections exhibited symptoms of neuropathy, including loss of consciousness and stroke. American doctors also noted and studied the association between coagulation and stroke in Covid-19 patients.

Tests showed that Colt was positive for nCoV and after a few hours, he lost the ability to move his right limbs. Colt’s mother, Sara Parris, noticed the difference in the way she grabbed a stuffed animal.

“I gave the toy to the baby and found that he did not use his dominant arm to grasp it,” the mother said. “She leaned forward to grab the stuffed rabbit, the second time too, and I knew something was wrong.”

Dr. Paul Carney, a pediatric neurologist, said the stroke cut off blood supply to the baby’s left brain.

“This is a very special case,” Carney said. “If this happens in people over 40 or 60, the consequences will be very different.”

Colt’s parents hope their child’s rare case will raise public awareness about Covid-19.

His father, Tim Parris, said: “Everyone needs to wear a mask and follow safety rules, if they want their child not to experience similar situations.”

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