9 of the 12 founding football clubs of the short-lived “Super League” sanctioned after an agreement with UEFA

They “Apologize” and recognize ” a mistake “. Nine of the twelve clubs behind the aborted Super League project have made their mea culpa this Friday, May 7 before UEFA (Union of European Football Associations), which announced a whole series of sanctions, in particular financial, against them.

These nine teams, the quickest to dissociate themselves from the dissident private competition project of the Champions League, will notably have to give up 5% of the income they were supposed to obtain during European competitions for a season.

The case of the other three clubs (Juventus Turin, Real Madrid, Barcelona), which “Refuse to give up” in the Super League and risk heavier penalties, will be studied soon by the disciplinary bodies of UEFA, announced the European confederation.

“Move forward in a positive spirit”

“By accepting their commitments and their desire to repair the disturbance they have caused, UEFA wants to put this chapter behind it and move forward in a positive spirit”, underlined the president of the authority Aleksander Ceferin, in a statement, insisting on the fact that “The same cannot be said for [trois] clubs that remain committed to the so-called Super League, cases that “UEFA will manage accordingly”.

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The nine clubs that gave up on the project – Tottenham, Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Atlético Madrid, Inter Milan, AC Milan – have accepted a whole series of “Reintegration measures”.

Fine of 100 million euros

In addition to giving up 5% of UEFA competition income for a season, they will pay 15 million euros transformed into donations to “Local communities” European football, undertake to participate in the UEFA competitions for which they qualify and also undertake to pay a fine of 100 million euros if they seek to one day participate in a competition “Unauthorized”.

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They will also join the European Association of Clubs (ECA), which they had left at the time of their sling.

These are the first official sanctions against secessionist clubs, which ignited European football on April 19 by launching their almost closed League project, before changing their minds two days later for most of them, facing the international outcry and the sling of supporters.

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