9 months, 40 people died from rabies

40 people died from rabies in 16 provinces and cities in the past 9 months, an increase of 2 cases compared to the same period last year.

In which, the highest number of deaths is in Ben Tre province (12 cases), Kien Giang 5 and Gia Lai 4 cases, according to a report by the local veterinary and health agency, announced at the meeting to respond. World Rabies Day, took place on September 27. Recently, the number of deaths from rabies has tended to decrease in high-risk provinces, on the contrary, increase in low-risk provinces and appear in some new provinces.

In Hanoi, according to Deputy Director of the Department of Health Vu Cao Cuong, every year the deaths from rabies are recorded because they are subjectively not vaccinated against the disease after being bitten by a dog. In 2017-2018, the city also recorded outbreaks of rabies in animals in Nam Tu Liem, Bac Tu Liem, and Hoang Mai districts. The year 2020-2021 recorded rabies deaths in two districts of Cau Giay and Hoang Mai. From the beginning of 2022 until now, the city has a person in Phu Xuyen district who died because he was subjectively not vaccinated against rabies.

“Rabies occurs anywhere, not only in rural areas, when we are subjective in prevention and control work,” said Mr. Cuong.

Vaccination against rabies at the Center for Preventive Medicine in Ho Chi Minh City. Image: Y provision

According to statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), every year about 59,000 people die from rabies and more than 10 million people need to be vaccinated against rabies. Vietnam records an average of 75 deaths from rabies each year. Every year, about 400,000 people bitten by dogs and cats need rabies vaccine prophylaxis, with an estimated cost of more than 300 billion VND/year.

From this fact, the Government set the target of “No rabies deaths by 2030”. To achieve this goal, the health sector recommends that people immediately treat wounds when bitten by dogs and cats and go to medical facilities for timely vaccination.

In the first six months of the year, the total number of dogs in the country is nearly 7 million, the average vaccination rate is about 40% of the total. Only 13 provinces and cities have achieved rabies vaccination rates of over 70% of the total dog population.

Dogs with rabies are mostly unidentified owners, not vaccinated against rabies. Therefore, people are recommended to fully vaccinate pets, cats and dogs, do not let loose and must muzzle dogs and cats when they go out on the street; Don’t play with them, make fun of them. Immediately kill dogs and animals with rabies or suspected rabies in the outbreak area.

Rabies is transmitted mainly through the bite or scratch, lick of a rabid animal. Rabies in humans can be prevented and treated with rabies vaccine or anti-rabies serum. Serum injection is to introduce an available amount of antibodies into the body to neutralize the rabies virus, while the vaccine is to strengthen long-term immunity.

Manifestations of rabies are fear of water, fear of wind, convulsions, paralysis. Once a rabies attack occurs, the mortality rate is almost 100% for both humans and animals. “When being bitten, scratched, or licked by a dog or cat, or licking the damaged skin or mucous membranes, it is necessary to immediately wash the wound with soap and clean water and go to a rabies vaccination facility promptly. Absolutely do not self-treat at home or use medicine. after being bitten by a dog or cat,” said Mr. Cuong.

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