9.5% of Covid-19 patients need oxygen

This information was announced by the Ministry of Health at the Online Training Conference The scheme to strengthen the supply and use of medical oxygen for facilities treating Covid-19 patients. The conference connected more than 1,000 bridge points in 63 provinces/cities, on the morning of September 13.

In some southern provinces and cities, the demand for medical oxygen is increasing. Deputy Minister Tran Van Thuan emphasized the need to invest in a long-term medical oxygen supply system. “Expanding the scale of production, supply network and medical oxygen technical infrastructure at medical examination and treatment facilities not only for the current Covid-19 epidemic but also to be maintained and used sustainably after the pandemic” , said the deputy minister.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan, Director of Medical Equipment and Construction, Ministry of Health, said that the oxygen supply capacity across the country every day is about 1,200 tons of liquid oxygen, which can be increased to 50-100% when needed. set.

Medical oxygen technical infrastructure in basic medical facilities meets routine medical examination and treatment, there are some limitations when the number of Covid-19 patients increases. In fact, many facilities at the district level do not have a central oxygen system, lack oxygen storage tanks (such as bottles, flasks, and tanks), do not have backup containers when they have to rotate or support treatment and management. home care, emergency transportation…

Medical facilities in remote areas have difficulty accessing oxygen supplies; the ability to coordinate and mobilize oxygen supply has not been able to respond promptly in situations of high epidemics, natural disasters, disasters (storms, floods, power outages…).

Patients on ventilators through endotracheal intubation at the Covid-19 Resuscitation Hospital, July 19. Photo:Thanh Nguyen.

On September 7, the Minister of Health issued Project to strengthen the supply and use of medical oxygen for Covid-19 patient treatment facilities. Accordingly, localities proactively develop plans and organize supply-demand connection to exploit and use most effectively resources for producing medical oxygen; prepare medical oxygen infrastructure to treat Covid-19 patients according to scenarios with the motto “4 on the spot”.

Deputy Minister Thuan proposed four groups of solutions that need to be done immediately:

The first, review and assess the status of medical oxygen technical infrastructure at medical facilities at all levels, plan and implement investment in infrastructure improvement.

Second, assess oxygen production capacity, supplier network, plan to expand production scale, supply oxygen, ensure to meet demand under Covid-19 epidemic scenarios.

Tuesday, effectively connect and coordinate between stakeholders: production, supply, transport and use of oxygen to ensure that emergency and treatment needs are met. Local medical oxygen price control.

4th, localities implement the motto “4 on the spot”, proactively prepare and promptly respond to medical oxygen in emergency and treatment.

As of the evening of September 12, Vietnam has recorded 613,375 infections, 15,279 deaths (rate 2.5% of total infections), nearly 60% of people have been cured, about 40% are being treated in the past. country.


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