85% of Covid-19 deaths have not been vaccinated

According to the Ministry of Health, the majority of deaths are people with underlying diseases and the elderly, of which 85% have not been vaccinated.

In Conference on implementing health work in 2022 Today, the Ministry of Health said that the whole country has recorded more than 2 million infections, of which over 36,000 deaths, accounting for 1.7% of the total number of infections. Compared with the peak of the epidemic in August-September 2021, the number of serious diseases decreased by two-thirds. The number of deaths from 300 to 350 cases a day has decreased to more than 200 cases a day. Most of the deaths are the elderly with underlying diseases, of which 85% have not been vaccinated or have not had two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, recorded in many provinces such as Ho Chi Minh City, An Giang…

According to statistics from the Department of Medical Examination and Treatment, by the end of December 2021, nearly 48% of deaths were people with underlying diseases, over 65 years old; more than 36% are 50-56 years old; 18-49 years old group is more than 15%; group 0-17 years old is 0.42%.

Localities have focused on protecting risk groups, classifying and screening F0, using antiretroviral drugs early for high and very high-risk F0 even when there are no symptoms. As a result, the number of deaths decreased, especially in Ho Chi Minh City, to less than 20 cases/day.

However, the Ministry of Health assessed that the death rate was still high. Many localities have not implemented closely the risk classification guidelines for F0, leading to high and very high risk F0 requiring home treatment, and some have not received timely intervention. Some localities have difficulty in terms of human resources to treat severe F0. F0 on the 3rd floor (the highest in the 3-storey tower model) came to the hospital late because of self-treatment at home, without reporting to the local health care provider, some were transferred to the treatment floor late due to unreasonable coordination. Many medical facilities do not have the capacity to collect and treat when the number of severe F0 is high, and the capacity of active resuscitation has not been enhanced…

Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long said that “Covid-19 cannot be completely controlled in 2022”. New strains appear, making the disease more complicated and unpredictable. The number of new infections can increase rapidly even after vaccination, because the infection rate of Omicron is 7 times higher in the unvaccinated group and 3 times higher in the fully vaccinated group.

Emergency 115 transports severe F0 to Thanh Nhan General Hospital, Hanoi. Photo: Giang Huy

Therefore, the health sector continues to be the core force along with other frontline forces in the fight against Covid-19. The Ministry of Health has set five tasks in the new year, of which the first priority is the prevention of Covid-19 for socio-economic recovery. In particular, focus on treatment capacity to reduce the risk of severe disease and death; prepare mobile medical stations in areas where epidemics are complicated; sufficient supply of drugs, equipment and medical supplies for treatment, preventing F0 from being unable to access medical care, dispensing drugs, and monitoring health.

Bills on medical examination and treatment, revised Law on Health Insurance, Amended Law on Pharmacy, Law on Population… were developed and approved. The system of preventive medicine and grassroots health care has been consolidated; improve the capacity and quantity and quality of health human resources; appropriate remuneration policy…

The Ministry of Health on the evening of January 20 announced that to date, more than 172.7 million doses of the vaccine have been injected, of which the first injection is more than 78.7 million doses, the second injection is 73.3 million doses, and the third dose is injected. supplementary/booster and 3-dose basal) is 20.6 million doses. In which, 100% of the group over 18 years old received the first dose, 94% injected two doses; Children 12-17 years old had 91% of the first dose and 73.7% of the second dose, 35 provinces and cities covered enough basic doses for this group.



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