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7000 fur seals mysteriously found dead in Namibia, scientists are trying to find the cause of death

In Namibia, environmentalists have been thought to have mysteriously killed more than 7 thousand fur seals simultaneously. Earlier, environmentalist Naude Dreyar, associated with Namibia’s Ocean Conservation Charity, received some dead seals in September. He saw some dead seals on the sandy beaches of Pelican Point Colony near the town of Walvis Bay. Some pictures of which were also posted on social media by his charity institute.

According to an estimate, about 5 thousand seals of this fur seal colony were mysteriously found dead. The charity has said that it is unfortunate that the young seals born at this time need to adopt in the end of November.

Dr. Tess Gridley of the Namibian Dolphin Project has reported that in the first two weeks of October they have found a large number of seal embryos dead in the colony. Please tell that fur seals usually give birth between mid-November and mid-December. Gridley has estimated that between 5,000 and 7,000 female fur seals have been miscarried and are still to be found.

The cause of the death of the fur seal, mysteriously found dead on such a large scale, has not yet been ascertained. Scientists speculate that this may be due to nutritional deficiency or any bacterial infection. Due to which females and children of the entire colony have been killed ..

According to Dr. Tess Gridley, most of the female seals found dead appear to be quite thin. This is not usually done because a large amount of fat is stored in the body of the seal. Scientists are collecting their samples on this basis. Earlier in 1994, more than 10 thousand seals were found dead on the beach. Along with this, around 15 thousand fetuses were also found dead. At that time, lack of nutrition and infection in the body of the seal was said to be the reason behind the death of such a large number of seals.

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