7 threats to sperm health

A number of factors such as temperature, smart devices, and lifestyle habits can affect sperm development.

Sperm cells take about 75 days to develop to maturity. During that time, certain sperm-damaging factors can affect a man’s fertility. Here are 7 potential dangers to men’s sperm health to be aware of:

The temperature is too high

The scrotum, or testicles, cannot function properly when the temperature is too high. That is why this part is located separately from the male body.

Normally, the temperature of the testes is usually 1-2 degrees Celsius lower than the body temperature. If the temperature in the testicles rises to about 37 degrees Celsius, the sperm production process will be interrupted, affecting reproductive health. of men.

Excessive heat in the testicles disrupts sperm production. Image: WebMD

High testicular temperature can affect a man’s sperm health in terms of quantity, morphology as well as motility because sperm take a long time to mature. Activities that increase testicular temperature can include saunas, hot tub baths, sitting on pads in car seats for too long…


Kurt Wharton, MD, an obstetrician and gynecologist in San Francisco, US, said: “Some of my patients have problems with sperm even though they don’t take hot tubs, use stimulants or wear tight underwear. , cycling a lot … often have a history of high fever in the previous 3 months”.

Research published in the journal Reproductive Sciences, the US, earlier this year warned that increased body temperature due to fever could affect sperm health. These factors include sperm count, motility (move), morphology (structure) and sperm DNA fragmentation. Men with fever due to infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus can also lead to a negative impact on sperm production.

Smart device

According to a study published in the specialized journal Fertility and Sterility, keeping a laptop on your lap while working causes the scrotal temperature to rise by 1 degree Celsius after 11 minutes and still rise. if men continue to use. Increased scrotal temperature has a detrimental effect on spermatogenesis (the process of forming male reproductive cells). So if men are planning to have children, avoid keeping the computer on your lap while working.

The habit of placing a laptop on your lap while working can cause the temperature of the scrotum to rise, which is detrimental to sperm health.  Photo: Pinterest

The habit of placing a laptop on your lap while working can cause the temperature of the scrotum to rise, which is detrimental to sperm health. Image: Pinterest

Another study on the effects of cell phone use published in the journal Fertility and Sterility found that men with a habit of using mobile phones regularly (more than 4 hours a day) had a decrease in sperm count. significantly coincide. Research has also shown that cell phone use has a negative effect on sperm motility, negatively impacting male fertility.

Therefore, experts advise men to keep their phones in their bags, not in their pants pockets to limit radiation exposure.

Wearing tight pants

Dr Wharton said that the tighter the underwear, the more affected the environment for sperm production. Although there has been no research on the effect of wearing shorts and panties on sperm count, he believes that men with low sperm counts should wear shorts instead of briefs. The doctor also warned that wearing tight shorts for cycling for a long time is also not good for male reproductive health.


Obesity is associated with increased production of female hormones (estrogens), decreased sperm count, sexual dysfunction, and possibly infertility.” Research by Harvard School of Public Health, USA, It was also found that overweight men had an 11% lower sperm count and were 39% more likely to have azoospermia (no sperm when ejaculating) than normal men.

Unscientific lifestyle

Tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana can impair sexual function. The study also showed that drinking alcohol interferes with sperm maturation and disrupts sperm DNA structure significantly more than smoking. However, a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that smoking and marijuana can also increase the risk of erectile dysfunction and shrinking testicles.

In addition to the above environmental factors, a number of physiological conditions can negatively affect sperm:

Blocked vas deferens: Whether it is caused by birth defects, infections, trauma or complications after surgery… blockage of the vas deferens prevents sperm from moving.

Genetic disorder: Chromosomal abnormalities can cause severe decreased or absent sperm production in men. In which cystic fibrosis can lead to failure to form vas deferens.

Other adverse factorsAnti-sperm antibodies, hormonal imbalances, testicular cancer, abnormal testicles, and sexual problems can also affect sperm health.

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