7 days of focusing on installing networks for field hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City

In just 7 days, 6 mobile broadcasting vehicles with a total of 11 3G and 12 4G devices of MobiFone were installed at 12 field hospitals of Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc, ensuring coverage for 32,000 users.

To make that achievement, the technical staff of Ho Chi Minh City East Telecommunications Station, under the MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation, had to make efforts and go through a journey of “brain balance” when not only facing risks. infectious diseases, construction in difficult conditions because of the distance, but also to overcome erratic inclement weather to complete the task.

An officer of the East Telecommunications Station of Ho Chi Minh City – MobiFone tries to work outdoors under the hot 40 degree sun with anti-epidemic clothing

The journey “overcoming the sun, winning the rain”

Faced with the complicated epidemic situation in the city. In Ho Chi Minh City, the number of F0s increased, MobiFone leaders determined to ensure the network quality for field hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City by immediately installing a mobile broadcasting vehicle that acts as a BTS station, covering the whole area. sets of field hospitals and ensures network quality for more than 32,000 users.

Site survey work is urgently conducted, with the requirement not to affect the hospital’s operation and patient transportation, on the other hand, it is necessary to find the best location to get a stable AC source, unshielded to ensure coverage.

7 days of focusing on installing networks for field hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hieu – Ho Chi Minh City Eastern Telecommunication Station shared: “Under normal conditions, a period of 2 days is just enough for a team of 2-4 people to install and integrate a mobile broadcasting vehicle. However, because of the working conditions in the field hospital, the brothers in the deployment team had to consider the possibility that it might be slower.”

7 days of focusing on installing networks for field hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City

Despite being mentally prepared, Mr. Hieu and his colleagues still faced many difficulties in performing their tasks. Plans are constantly changing to match reality. As for the power source, the original plan was to share electricity with the building, but during the implementation process, it had to be installed separately to avoid overload.

The weather in Ho Chi Minh City at peak times reaches nearly 40 degrees. Inside the metal box of the broadcast car, the temperature sometimes reached 50 degrees. In tight protective suits, you can clearly feel the burning heat. Sweat poured out like a bath, even breathing became heavy. When it rains, things have to become even more careful to ensure that the device does not get wet. The hair, clothes, gloves, boots of the brothers in the team are always wet.

Mr. Hieu said that the team’s eating and drinking also encountered many inconveniences. There are days when you can register for a charity meal in the hospital, but the number is very limited, so 7-8 brothers have to share 3 meals, and there are days when the whole team can only share a few packages of dry food. However, there are no difficulties that hinder the perseverance and determination of the whole team. They tighten their hands to each screw, carefully connecting each piece of wire to achieve the best quality of the network when finished.

7 days of focusing on installing networks for field hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City

Urgent construction progress

Working continuously and without rest, taking advantage of every possible time, in just 7 days, 6 mobile broadcasting vehicles were successfully installed by the brothers of the East Telecommunication Station of Ho Chi Minh City at 12 field hospitals of the company. Thu Duc City, with a rush schedule twice as fast as the normal process.

With these mobile broadcasting stations, field hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc will not appear network congestion. Patients can rest assured to listen to calls, use data to contact relatives, family and friends. More importantly, the fight against epidemics at the hospital will be more convenient thanks to the smooth network.

“With the spirit of serving the community, MobiFone’s technical team has tried to do it quickly and efficiently, and the end result is satisfied customers, increased voice and data traffic. That is the most worthy reward for the hard work that you have gone through”, Mr. Hieu shared.

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