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Pain, swelling, burning in the intimate area after sex are signs of many diseases, women should not be silent because they are afraid of gynecological examination.

Burning, even swelling in the vagina after sex is a sign of many serious diseases, vaginal infections or physical and psychological problems. However, due to psychological apprehension, it is possible that many women often suffer, delay the examination, make the pain or inflammation worse, greatly affecting the quality of life and the effectiveness of treatment.

Many causes of pelvic pain after sex such as pathology: endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine prolapse, uterus reclined, uterine fibroids, cystitis, irritable bowel syndrome, tangles pelvic floor dysfunction, adenomas, hemorrhoids and ovarian cysts…

Vaginal infection

Vaginitis is an infection of the vagina that most women will encounter. Among them, bacterial gynecological infections are common. This disease is very common in women aged 15-44 with typical symptoms such as: change in color, smell or discharge from the vagina: yellow or milky discharge, foul-smelling, very heavy discharge. a lot of; vaginal itching or irritation; pain during intercourse; Rrt, pain every time you urinate; light vaginal bleeding…

Urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections caused by unhealthy sex, improper hygiene habits, holding urine for too long… creating conditions for bacteria to invade and develop, causing urinary tract infections and discharge. a lot, has a bad smell and itches… When sick, patients often have colds, painful urination, frequent urination, especially burning pain after sex. This phenomenon also sometimes occurs when wearing underwear or pants that are too tight.

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Injuries after medical treatment

Injury from surgery or medical treatment, such as scarring from pelvic surgery, (hysterectomy), and medical treatments for cancer, such as radiation and chemotherapy, can cause changes that make sex painful.

In addition, another common birth-related cause that also affects painful intercourse is when a woman has an inconvenient delivery, has an episiotomy or a perineal caesarean section when giving birth. This puts you at risk of painful sex, which can last for a long time. To overcome, patients often have to practice physical therapy, medication or surgery.

Sexually transmitted diseases

Some dangerous social diseases that are transmitted through sexual activities such as genital warts, gonorrhea, and genital herpes are also the causes of pain in the intimate area during sexual intercourse.

Wrong relationship

If there is pain in the intimate area after sex with burning pain, it is most likely due to the wrong sexual intercourse process, too hasty sex has not created excitement on the woman’s body enough to let the fluids go. secreted, secreted hormone. This not only causes damage to the private area, but also makes women susceptible to vaginal infections.

Birth defects

Some women have congenital problems in the structure of the genital organs, such as an incompletely formed vagina (aging vagina), abnormality of the hymen (incomplete hymen)… as well. It will cause pain after sex.

Psychological factors

In fact, many women have anxiety and depression about their appearance, fear of intimacy, or problems with their relationships with their partners. People with a history of sexual abuse can also lead to pelvic floor muscles tightening during sex, causing pain during intercourse.

Psychological stress due to work, taking care of a small child, or being in the perimenopause period, the hormone levels in a woman’s body will have certain changes. Therefore, it causes vaginal dryness, reduces sex drive, and causes pain in the intimate area after sex.

What to do when vaginal pain after sex?

Every woman has a different vaginal structure. In some women, the intimate area is quite narrow, so if you have sex for the first time, there will be discomfort and burning pain during and after sex. In many cases, women also find that the vagina is swollen. However, if this phenomenon persists and is accompanied by other abnormal symptoms such as bleeding, vaginal discharge, etc., women need to quickly go to the hospital to examine and rule out related causes. to the patient for prompt treatment. Prevention helps to reduce the risk and recurrence of gynecological infections, helps protect health, and maintains a happy couple.

If you do not feel the desire or fear of painful sex, you should share it with your partner. If you’re still struggling, watch out for signs and symptoms of depression. Taking good care of yourself is also a way to help maintain your desire for a long time, protect your health, and limit damage.

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