6G technology, the focus of China’s digital economy development plan

China will step up support for research and development of 6th generation (6G) mobile technology.

6G technology has been identified as a focus of China’s new digital economy development plan, under China’s 14th five-year development program. Previously, in December 2021, the Cyberspace Administration of this country also issued a similar policy.

6G technology, the focus of the plan to develop the digital economy

The Digital Economy Development Blueprint, emphasizing 6G technology, marks China’s latest step in maintaining its leadership role in shaping advanced technology development, following the company’s success. 5G technology. In the 4G era, the country also led with one of two global standards before the “embargo”. China did not participate in the 2G development race, but it did announce one of the three globally recognized standards for 3G technology.

According to the National Intellectual Property Office of China, as of April 2021, the number of patent applications for 6th generation mobile technology applications has exceeded 38,000 globally, of which China leads the way. More than 30% of total patents.

Earlier this month, a team from the Purple Mountain Laboratories Institute, announced a record of 6G wireless transmission at 206.25 Gbps in a laboratory environment. The research team was funded through a special state-owned 6G project, in collaboration with Shanghai Fudan University and China Mobile, the world’s largest wireless carrier.

However, some industry experts say that it is still a decade before 6G can come to life because the world has not yet agreed on technical standards to support frequency bands, signal modulation or waveforms. this technology.

“From an industry perspective, the push to develop 6G is a bit hasty. But for the central government, it is completely appropriate to promote research and early preparation of 6G technology,” said Wei Rong, a research expert at the government communications advisory group.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the specialized agency under the United Nations responsible for managing the mobile communications standards process, has invited external organizations to contribute comments on 6G technology, according to a report published in the journal ITU in September 2021.

The ITU also said it plans to release its “International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) Post-2030” report in June, which will include recommendations from external organizations already approved by the ITU. acceptance. The agency expects the report to “provide a general vision and guidance for the coming 6G network”.

Vinh Ngo (According to SCMP)

Why is 6G no longer a

Why is 6G no longer a “future dream”?

In order for the “6G dream” to come true as soon as possible, it is necessary to start mapping out solid steps with a long-term strategic vision right now.


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