6 lessons in the battle with cancer

AmericaMelinda Fulmer, 49 years old, with breast cancer, learned lessons against disease are stress reduction, healthy eating and drinking, social networking.

Melinda Fulmer, a freelance journalist, in La Canada Flintridge, California, was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2019. Since then, Melinda’s appearance has not changed much, but her insides are heavily affected by cancer and therapy.

Before being diagnosed with cancer, Melinda regularly exercise and drink vegetable smoothies, practicing many healthy habits. She writes tips for promoting a healthy life, published in newspapers and magazines. The shock of cancer made her weak and self-conscious. An artificial breasts, a hormone drug to suppress the production of estrogen, a nervousness in the cells, makes her live in anxiety and fear.

Like many cancer patients, Melinda always contemplates the cause of her serious illness. She is not obese, does not smoke, does not regularly drink alcohol, and is only 49 years old. Because she didn’t know the true cause, she pushed herself to analyze the habits of living that were beneficial and harmful to the body.

Since the surgery, Melinda gradually changed her sleeping habits, thought carefully about relationships, became more intelligent in self-control. Most importantly, she became interested in balancing stress through yoga or meditation.

She tried acupuncture, essential oil therapy and replacement therapy, eating plant-based foods, and intermittent fasting. Besides, Melinda believes that exercise helps to minimize the consequences left in the body, as well as help her recover quickly from surgery.

Freelance journalist Melinda Fulmer. Photo: NVCC

In the fight against breast cancer, Melinda learns 6 lessons:

Listen to your body

A competitive lifestyle makes people struggle with pain, stress and even illness. A few months before her diagnosis, Melinda felt remarkably tired. Her face was red, her body was alarmed. But she continued to work, using inappropriate skin care products, equating tightness in her right breast with harmless breast tissue. Her advice is to pay attention to your body when it feels abnormal.

The importance of rest

Before being diagnosed with breast cancer, Melinda did not take the time to “recover” her strength.

She shortened her exercise time, trying to cram as many exercises as possible. Currently, besides practicing regularly with high intensity, she also participates in yoga and aerobics.

Social engagement

In the past, because she was so busy, Melinda had underestimated the need to live happily, rest and connect with others. When friends and family, even many people Melinda had never communicated with, began asking questions or giving encouragement food, she felt the importance of relationships.

She spends a lot of her time nurturing connections. She also communicates with other cancer survivors through an organization called “Foundation for Living Beauty”. This organization is filled with the sisterhood of women who survive from cancer. They can joke freely about their own condition without being subjected to the pitiful eyes of others.

Receive help

Melinda is discreet and likes to do everything on her own. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Melinda becomes more open to sharing her story. Currently, she builds many meaningful connections and is open to accepting help from others.

Reduce stress

Before being diagnosed with breast cancer, Melinda was often stressed out with her work schedule and family life. Today, Melinda knows her body will pay a heavy price if she continues to worry and stress. She focuses on ignoring unhappy things, focusing on the good, and always striving to improve her life. Living fully in the present has helped her recover.

Build a healthy lifestyle

The post-cancer recovery process helps Melinda understand the importance of building healthy habits and exercising the will to not give up. Both of these factors help the body to recover faster and healthier.

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