6 foods that help increase muscle

Chicken breast is a source of protein to support muscle development, but eating a lot can cause boredom. To overcome this, you can replace it with duck breast, oysters, soybeans …

These foods are all high in protein and digested more slowly than starches, helping you stay full and control your weight. In addition, diversifying protein sources also brings many different nutrients. For example, if you only eat chicken breasts, you miss out on the iron found in red meat, seafood’s omega-3s, and antioxidants in some plants.

Here are 6 options to help you renew your menu and increase muscle efficiency:

Duck breast

Not as lean as chicken breast, duck breast is more delicious, contains many nutrients and protein good for muscles. An estimated 95 g of skinless duck provides 22 g of protein and 190 calories.

However, you need to pay attention to the amount of protein your body provides each day. According to the Recommended Intake (DRI) of the National Academy of Medicine, an adult should consume about 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of body mass. Daily protein intake also depends on gender, age, muscle mass and physical activity.

Japanese Edamame Beans. Image: Japan Times

Soy bean

Japanese Edamame beans, which contain both shells and seeds, are harvested young and are rich in protein. Specifically, 128 g of beans provide 19 g of protein. You can add them to salads or as a snack. In addition, other soy products like tofu also help build muscle.


Besides its delicious taste, one oyster provides 2 grams of protein, according to the US Department of Agriculture. So, just eat 6 oysters for the appetizer, you have loaded 12 g of protein before going to the main course.

Smoked salmon

The advantage of this dish is its attractive taste, which can be combined with many other dishes such as fried eggs or salad. Additionally, 84 g of salmon provides about 15 g of protein.


0.2 liter of cow’s milk contains nearly 8 g of protein, more protein than oat or almond milk.


The small size of this fish may make you skeptical, but in fact one sardine can provide 23 grams of protein.

Mai Dung (According to the Men’s Health, Healthline)


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