5G has not been popular, the US – China has moved towards 6G

While much of the world has yet to experience 5G mobile technology, the two tech powerhouses are already moving towards 6G.

For both governments and businesses, 6th-generation mobile wireless technology, or 6G, is a potentially bigger piece of the pie. Anyone who understands the technology and applies for patents related to this technology will be the winner of the next industrial revolution.

The US and China are racing for 6G technology

With speeds said to be more than a hundred times the maximum speed of 5G, 6G could be the key to bringing ideas previously confined to the sci-fi category into people’s everyday lives, from broadcasting to television. real-time holograms, flying taxis, or the human brain and body connected to the Internet.

And this technology race is getting hotter and hotter, especially between the two countries that are leading the world’s technology today, the US and China.

“This effort is so important that it can be considered an ‘arms race’ to some extent,” said Peter Vetter, head of equipment at Bell Labs, a subsidiary of Nokia Oyj. “Countries will need large pools of researchers to stay competitive.”

While Chinese technology companies have struggled with scrutiny both domestically and internationally, the US has not been able to stop China from becoming a leader in 5G technology.

Advanced 6G technology will be the solution for the US to regain the edge in this innovation race.

“The story of 5G will not be repeated in North America again. The race to lead 6G will become much more fierce,” said Vikrant Gandhi, senior commercial director of science, technology and communication applications at Frost & Sullivan, a US-based consulting firm.

Clearly, 6G technology has been one of the focal points for both the US and China. Former President Donald Trump once stated that “it is necessary to focus on developing 6G as quickly as possible”.

In North America, an alliance has been formed to foster regional leadership in 6th generation wireless technology, including tech giants such as Apple, AT&T, Qualcomm, Google and Samsung.

Meanwhile, China has also made no secret of its intention to develop 6G technology to contribute to the modernization of its military force. China National Defense News (CNDN) affirmed that 6G has distinct technological strengths and richer potential for military applications than 5G technology.

The advantages of data transmission speed, low latency and large bandwidth are effective support factors for military operations such as intelligence collection, operational visualization and post-war support. needs to be accurate based on immediate and specific information about the location and equipment of the station.

“Based on the 6G network, generals can quickly make accurate decisions with a monitoring and control system that continuously analyzes and collects large amounts of information from the battlefield,” quoted the published article. on CNN.

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6G technology, the focus of China's digital economy development plan

6G technology, the focus of China’s digital economy development plan

China will step up support for research and development of 6th generation (6G) mobile technology.


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