560 people have tried phase two of Nanocovax – VnExpress

According to the Military Medical Academy, all participants in the Phase 2 Nanocovax trial had completed the first shot, completed on March 9.

Associate Professor, Dr. Chu Van Men, Director of the Center for Clinical Trials and Bioequivalence, Military Medical Academy, on the morning of March 11, said that the volunteers are being monitored at home, and have not recorded any negative feedback. side effects. The elderly group of vaccinated people is in stable and healthy health.

Mr. Men said that among the volunteers to try the second-stage vaccine, there were 105 people over 60 years old, the oldest one was 76. Some people with primary hypertension, had stable treatment.

“According to the initial sense, the elderly seem to have a good immune response. However, further research is needed,” Mr. Men said.

Volunteers were given two shots, each 28 days apart.

On days 35 and 42 after the first injection, volunteers were given blood samples to assess the status of the immune response, thereby helping the team optimize the vaccine dose for the third phase of the trial.

Nanocovax produced and developed by Nanogen is the first Covid-19 vaccine in Vietnam to be tested in humans. The Nanocovax clinical trial, which entered phase two from February 26, had already participated in 560. The study was divided into two groups, including 80 people who were injected with placebo and 480 people injected the vaccine trial. The vaccination or placebo was administered randomly.

The Nanocovax clinical trial process is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. If licensed by the Ministry of Health, Nanogen plans to provide the vaccine at 120,000 VND per dose, producing 50-70 million doses a year, before the eyes will meet the domestic demand and then export them.

After Nanocovax, the Covivac vaccine studied by IVAC entered human trials. On March 5, IVAC and Hanoi Medical University recruited volunteers for the study, now starting a screening to prepare for the first dose in mid-March.

Vabiotech is the third Covid-19 vaccine research unit that has not yet submitted a clinical trial submission.

Nanocovax injection for volunteers in Long An on 26/2. Image: Quynh Tran.



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