52 more people in Hue, 46 Hanoi, 23 Nghe An suspected of Covid-19

The Hanoi Department of Health recorded one positive case of nCoV from 12:00 to 18:00 on August 16, bringing the total number of cases recorded in 24 hours to 46. Nghe An recorded 23 cases, Hue 52 cases, Ha Tinh 7 cases.

These cases have not been announced by the Ministry of Health and are considered as suspected infections.

At Hanoi, New infection recorded in Dong Anh district, belonging to the cluster of cough and fever screening, is a woman, 40 years old, living in group 27, town Tran Dong Anh. On August 16, she tested herself at Hong Ngoc Hospital and was tested positive.

At noon of August 16, Hanoi recorded 25 new positive cases, including 16 community cases and 9 cases recorded in isolation areas, all belonging to the cluster of patients with cough and fever. Patients were recorded in districts including Dong Anh, Thanh Tri, Dong Da, Hoan Kiem, Ha Dong, Cau Giay, Ba Dinh. In it, a 27-year-old man, from Dong Anh, delivered goods to Van An ward, Bac Ninh city on August 3. On August 12, he had a fever, cough, and tested positive on August 15.

This morning, Hanoi recorded 20 new infections, including two screening cluster cases in high-risk areas of Dong Da district, 18 cases of fever cough cluster and related people in Dong Anh and Hoan Kiem districts. , Ha Dong, Tay Ho, Thanh Tri.

In the fourth wave of the epidemic, Hanoi recorded 2,248 infections (excluding cases at central hospitals), of which 1,221 were in the community, 1,027 in isolation. In which, from August 1 to now, 161 infections have been recorded through screening areas, at-risk subjects and other areas; 913 people were detected through screening with fever and cough.

Medical isolation area in Dong Xuan ward, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, on August 11. Photo: Giang Huy

In Nghe An, out of 23 new cases, 4 are related to the outbreak of the Vinh wholesale market. A woman, 38 years old, residing in Nghi Thach commune (Nghi Loc district) has a very complicated epidemic. Every day selling fruits at wholesale markets and selling goods at specialty markets, Hom market in Cua Lo town, contacting a lot of people.

Three cases related to the outbreak of Vinh wholesale market, all are small traders and women, in which 2 people residing in Vinh City are F1 of the two previously announced cases; the rest live in Hung Nguyen district.

The other 17 cases are people from Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces by different means.

The remaining two cases are F1 cases of some previously published patients.

From June 13 to now, Nghe An has recorded 523 cases of Covid-19 infection and suspected infection scattered in 19 districts, cities and towns. In which, Quynh Luu district 117 cases, Vinh city 108 cases, Yen Thanh district 62 cases, Nghi Loc 22 cases…

Two days after the outbreak, the Vinh wholesale market outbreak detected 7 F0, hundreds of F1s were traced for centralized isolation; related to cases of people returning from southern provinces, 232 people have been recorded. Of these, 115 returned from Binh Duong, 97 returned from Ho Chi Minh City…

On August 15, Nghe An health sector deployed a round of Covid-19 vaccine injections at a number of locations.

CDC Thua Thien Hue detected 52 new infections, of which 6 were in the community, bringing the total number of local infections from April 28 to now to 325.

52 new infections, including 6 in the community, 46 in concentrated isolation areas and with epidemiological factors related to Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces.

After detecting 6 cases of infection in the community in Loc Thuy commune, Phu Loc district, the Steering Committee for Covid-19 disease prevention and control in Thua Thien Hue has traced and isolated 49 F1. The locality also tightened the medical isolation at home for those who completed 14-day concentrated isolation. To ensure the safety of epidemic prevention, every 7 days the health sector organizes sampling for Covid-19 screening tests for the entire service force at isolation points.

To date, Thua Thien Hue is isolating more than 15,000 people at medical facilities, concentrated isolation areas and accommodation.

The health sector plans to blockade and trace in Nghi Xuan district on the evening of August 15.  Photo: Duc Hung

The health sector plans to blockade and trace in Nghi Xuan district on the evening of August 15. Photo: Duc Hung

In Ha Tinh, 2 people in Hong Linh town, 5 people in Nghi Xuan district on the morning of August 16 were confirmed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to be positive for nCoV.

According to CDC Ha Tinh, in Hong Linh town, two suspected cases are a 63-year-old husband and wife, residing in residential group 2, Bac Hong ward. On August 12, the wife showed signs of fever, fatigue, cough, bought medicine to go home for treatment. On the afternoon of August 15, her condition did not improve, she went to Hong Ha General Hospital, Nam Hong ward, quickly tested 2 times for suspicion, the test confirmed that the couple gave positive results.

In Nghi Xuan district, 5 people in a family living in residential group 4, Xuan An town, aged 1-69 are suspected of being infected. Epidemiological investigation showed that a 40-year-old woman working as a fishmonger at Quang Trung market, Vinh city, Nghe An, on August 10, had an itchy throat, headache, and fatigue. She went to a number of pharmacies near her home to buy medicine. but not cured. On August 15, she went to Nghi Xuan District Health Center for a quick test twice. Confirmed test results at Ha Tinh General Hospital for 5 members of her family were positive.

New infections have not been recorded by the Ministry of Health and are considered as suspected infections. Currently, residential group 2, Bac Hong ward, Hong Linh town, with 42 households and 116 people; Residential groups 3, 4, 5, Xuan An town, Nghi Xuan district with 693 households and 2,103 people, have been blocked off with many checkpoints since the evening of August 15.

From June 5 to now, Ha Tinh has recorded 301 people positive for nCoV, of which 289 cases were granted patient codes by the Ministry of Health.

Nguyen Hai – Vo Thanh – Chile – Duc Hung


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