513 people have been in contact with a Covid-19 patient

HCMCTo this afternoon, authorities have identified 513 people who have contacted four patients. Out of 99 people who were in close contact (category F1), there were 81 negative cases, 18 people waiting for the results.

414 cases of close contact person contact (category F2) in home isolation. The health sector has sampled 337 cases, 123 cases are negative, and the rest are waiting for results. The Center for Disease Control in Ho Chi Minh City continues to investigate, take samples for testing, and block the locations of patients who have ever been to.

After 120 days of no case of Covid-19 recorded, on November 30, Ho Chi Minh City recorded four new cases domestically, including one case in isolation and three cases in the community. “Patient 1347”, male, 32 years old, was spread from Vietnam Airlines flight attendant as “patient 1342” while the flight attendant was on isolation at home.

The Standing Meeting of the Government on the prevention of Covid-19, Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long emphasized that “patient 1342” seriously violated the provisions of isolation against Covid-19, proposing to be strictly dealt with.

The HCM City Center for Disease Control requires anyone who has been to 6 relevant locations “1347 patient” needs to make a medical report and take samples for nCoV testing.

Le Phuong