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Changing your sleeping position, monitoring room humidity, and drinking honey-herb tea can help soothe a cough at night.

Many people do not usually have a cough during the day, but in the evening the cough comes back. Coughs can start from a ticklish, itchy feeling in the throat but then worsen into a severe pain that keeps you awake. The key to relieving a nighttime cough is to soothe an itchy throat and sensitive airways before bed.

In fact, there are many causes of nighttime coughs such as colds, allergies, asthma… If you cough up mucus, you can get an infection like bronchitis, whooping cough or pneumonia. In addition, allergens, acid reflux disease, heartburn, smoking habits also cause coughing at night.

Drink herbal tea with honey

People who are frequently disturbed by their cough at night should get into the habit of drinking a cup of decaffeinated tea before going to bed. In addition to non-caffeinated tea, drinking honey or honey tea mixed with a little warm water also helps break up mucus in the airways, soothing coughs. Herbal tea with honey also contributes to moistening the upper respiratory tract, helping to control coughing.

Change sleeping position

Professor Brent A.Senior at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine (USA), said that when coughing at night, gravity is the body’s enemy. All the mucus and secretions you swallow from behind your nose during the day will back up and irritate your throat when you lie down at night. This gravity is often heavier when sleeping on your back, so people with nighttime cough may choose to sleep on their side. Alternatively, you can fight gravity by leaning on some pillows while you sleep, elevating the head of your bed to keep stomach acid from irritating your throat.

Sleeping on your side can reduce coughing. Image: Freepik

Monitor humidity

Dry airways can make a cough worse. So you can take a warm bath before bed or take a warm shower and steam for a few minutes in the bathroom before going to bed.

Also, a humidifier can help relieve a cough if the surrounding air is dry. You should keep the humidity at 40-50%. Note, people with asthma should not use steam baths because steam makes asthma attacks worse.

Prepare the necessary equipment

For people who often have a cough at night, before going to bed should prepare things to use such as a glass of water, cough medicine, nose drops or a lozenge. As soon as a cough starts, you should find ways to calm it down, avoiding the constant coughing that irritates the airways that can make the nighttime condition last longer.

Eliminate allergens

You should clean the bedroom, vacuum to ensure that dust mites are not left on pillows or blankets. Dust mites or allergens such as pollen and weather can cause a person to cough continuously. Cooling devices such as fans, air conditioners, and humidifiers should be cleaned regularly, and mold growth in these machines can also make nighttime coughs worse.

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