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Choosing comfortable clothes, diligently eating cool food, paying attention to the rhythm of movement… helps support natural body cooling for pregnant women.

Hyperthermia is a natural thing that a woman’s body often encounters, in order to adapt to the increased work of the organs during pregnancy. According to the American Heart Association, an average of 45% increase in blood flow, an increase in weight (about 9-14 kg), an increase in blood flow that the heart pumps… are factors that cause an increase in temperature in the body. pregnant woman’s body. Besides drinking some water and sitting in front of a fan or turning on the air conditioner, the following 5 natural ways can help you balance your body temperature effectively:

Eat cool food

Water-rich vegetables can help keep the body cool during pregnancy. Some popular and close options for pregnant women include: watermelon, group of berries (strawberries, grapes, …), cucumber, orange and grapefruit. Lettuce, celery and carrots also have effective cooling properties. Pregnant women can also eat ice cream made from fresh fruit juice, eat yogurt (unsweetened type) with fresh fruit. You can also listen to the opinion of a nutritionist, obstetrician and gynecologist to have more choices of vegetables and fruits suitable for your location.

Eating berries and tropical fruits support natural body cooling for pregnant women. Image: Freepik

Living in a cool space

Women who live or travel in hot weather are recommended to limit their exposure to high temperature spaces during pregnancy. Pregnant women can go for a walk, outdoor activities in the morning and evening when the weather is not too hot or has cooled down. In outdoor picnics, you should choose to sit in the shade, equipped with portable cool wind generators (such as hand fans, water fans…).

Wear clothes that are loose enough, cool fabrics

Light, loose-fitting clothes, and breathable fabrics (such as cotton) are some of the criteria for choosing clothes for pregnant women when living in hot and cool weather. Pregnant mothers can also choose comfortable footwear to wear around the house. In the cold season, women should seek advice from an experienced person on low-soled, flat shoes with warm materials.

The color of the clothes also partly affects the body temperature of the pregnant mother. Black, dark-colored clothing tends to absorb sunlight, making it easier to warm the body than light-colored clothing.

Drink enough water

Staying hydrated during pregnancy plays an important role. Researchers from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said that drinking enough water helps keep the body cool, limiting the risk of swelling in the hands and feet. Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to bring enough water to bring if planning to travel. Actively drinking water even though you don’t feel thirsty is a good habit to help regulate body temperature and prevent dehydration.

Limiting caffeine intake during pregnancy can also help prevent dehydration. According to the National Library of Health (USA), caffeine is recommended to be consumed in very small and limited amounts during pregnancy (less than 200 mg per day in healthy pregnant women). Fruits such as lemons or oranges mixed with water, lemon or orange smoothies are healthy alternatives that are recommended to be included in the menu for pregnant women. You can consult a nutritionist to have a menu suitable for your condition.

Appropriate physical activity

Participating in exercise, staying physically active in cool, fresh air conditions is encouraged during pregnancy. Pregnant women can actively exercise gently according to their location and with the guidance of an obstetrician, such as walking, strolling in a cool space, with lots of trees and shade, or exercising at home during pregnancy. this time.

The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends that pregnant women get regular weekly aerobic exercise (about 150 minutes per week). Water aerobics is a rewarding activity for a pregnant mother. The sport has moderate impact on the musculoskeletal system and in a cool and pleasant water environment. You can also talk to your doctor about what activities are right for you during pregnancy. If you do moderate exercise in normal temperature, your body temperature will rise less.

Pregnant women should avoid taking warm baths or saunas for too long while pregnant. Dressing too warmly, going for long walks in the summer sun, exercising in a hot or windy space can temporarily raise your body temperature. By naturally cooling down as above, women can safely keep the rhythm of activities during pregnancy.

Researchers on solutions to regulate body temperature for pregnant women in the US recommend that, when they notice a high body temperature (the thermometer gives a result of about 40 degrees Celsius), pregnant mothers should pay attention to their feelings. recognize and identify other abnormalities, if any. If the hyperthermia persists, accompanied by some conditions such as: hot, dry, red and rough skin; headache; dizzy; stomach pain or vomiting; feeling restless; sweating despite cooling down.. women should seek support from relatives to get emergency medical care.

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