5 Signs It’s Time to See a Neurosurgeon In Los Angeles

5 Signs It’s Time to See a Neurosurgeon In Los Angeles

Most people believe that neurosurgeons are doctors who perform complicated operations on the brain. However, that is only partially true. Surgeries are just one of the many things neurosurgeons do. They also spend time diagnosing patients’ symptoms and coming up with progressive, minimally invasive treatment plans. They also treat common diseases like back pain, pinched nerves, migraines, epilepsy, stroke, and chronic pain. As far as surgeries are concerned, they are usually the last resort and are only performed if there are no better treatment options. 

When Should You Consult A Neurosurgeon

If you or a loved one has been experiencing the following symptoms, it is likely that the issue is related to the brain or nervous system. In such a scenario, consulting a neurosurgeon would be your best bet:

1- Numbness & Pain

If you feel numbness quite often, especially in the extremities, it is likely that there is some sensory nerve damage because numbness, burning, tingling, or pain occurs when sensory nerves fail to carry information back to the brain.

2- A Weak Grip

If you feel pain, tingling, or loss of sensation in your hand and feel that it does not have the same ability to grasp objects, it could result from a swollen wrist due to injury or illness. This happens because a swollen wrist constricts the median nerve, also known as carpal tunnel.

3- Persistent Headaches

If your head hurts for hours or days, you need to see a neurosurgeon. Issues like persistent headaches or migraines are usually accompanied by light sensitivity and nausea. The reason for these issues is pretty straightforward; it happens due to the pain-causing chemicals released when over excited nerves wrongly cause narrowing of veins and arteries. A neurosurgeon will isolate the migraine trigger and create a treatment plan to manage or eliminate the headaches with the patient’s input.

4- Impaired Movement

If your central nervous system malfunctions, you might experience clumsiness, tremors, shuffling, and uncontrollable body movements. These symptoms can also be a side effect of medication or head trauma.

A neurosurgeon is best qualified to determine if a severe underlying condition exists.

5- Seizures

Seizures are not always violent convulsions and result in loss of consciousness. In fact, in most cases, they are milder and more subtle. 

If you have suddenly started having seizures, it is best to seek a diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

See A Neurosurgeon In Los Angeles.

If you have been experiencing any of the above shared symptoms, don’t downplay them and pay a visit to a neurosurgeon in Los Angeles at Southern California Brain & Spine Surgery. Their professional neurosurgeon will help you find out and treat the root cause of any discomfort you may feel. They have the most advanced treatment options with the best neurosurgeons in Los Angeles and are here to provide you with all the help needed to ease your nerves and receive the best spinal stenosis treatment in the United States. Visit their website or call them at (213) 369-4583 to schedule a consultation today!

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